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Email Marketing Pro Tips

Earning sales leads from email is a continued challenge facing many email marketers. Any tips and suggestions that come along should be analyzed carefully and taken to heart in order to make the most progress from your email list. Today we will discuss some professional marketing tips for email that are floating about recently for maximizing your results.

Don't SPAM

Sometimes when you get an email address without a potential customer actually subscribing to your list, it is hard not to want to add it anyway. From forum posts or social media posts, finding new emails are everywhere and are plastered online in most places. A huge tip is not to add that email. Encourage only natural subscriptions. People who are not interested in your product or service will not do you any good and can even hurt your online reputation if you are classified as a spammer.

Practice Email List Hygiene Regularly

If an email on your list is no longer valid or your customer has changed, what good does that email do you? The same goes for a fake email address that winds up on your list. By sending out email campaign blasts to non-existent emails, you risk a high level of bounce backs from your email marketing provider. This can in turn cause you to get booted and find another provider or banned all-together from such systems.

Your best solution here is to run bulk email verification on a monthly basis and keep your email lists clean.

Look Elsewhere Than Your Website For Subscribers

The most common practice of collecting new email list subscribers comes directly from webmasters or website owners placing a subscribe box on their website or blog. Think outside of the box and network with others in your industry for “subscriber exchange” opportunities that permit you to run a subscription widget or collection area for 2 weeks to a month on a non-direct competitor to pull additional leads to your list. This is a technique used by many professionals who are indirect competitors in and industry, but not for the exact product or service. This technique works much like advertising, except your list subscribe code is ran instead.

Start to use some of the above tips from industry pros and watch your email list become larger and more effective.

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