FAQ - Our Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Email Verification And Why Do I Need It?

Email verification is the process of checking if an email address is valid or not.

You need email verification or validation to help avoid wasting time and resources in sending emails to invalid email addresses.

Can Your Site Verify All Email Addresses Easily?

Most email addresses can be easily verified on our site but some email servers may not provide the right result.

How Is An Email Address Verified?

There are 2 levels of verification - Syntax & MX Records.

  • Syntax - Is the address in the right format?
  • MX - Does a mail server exist for a domain?
Do You Share My Email Lists Or Use Them In Any Other Way?

No we do not!

No other person apart from you has access to what you verify on our site.

Do You Offer Bulk Email Validation Or Verification?

Yes we do!

Our Bulk Email Verifier can be used to verify bulk email addresses in record time.

How Fast Is The Verification Process?

Very fast!

For single email verification all you need to do is supply the email address and we confirm instantly if it is valid or not!

For bulk email address verification, the process is also very fast because we run multi-threaded software services on our servers to ensure we can check more than a thousand emails per minute.

How Often Should I Verify Email Addresses?


If you have a large list (Greater Than 10,000), we suggest checking the list for validation every 2 weeks.

Smaller lists can be checked monthly.

If your business relies on email lists for its marketing, it's important that you keep the lists current and "clean" to maximize your target potential and reduce the overheads associated with managing too many "bounced" emails.

Email addresses are always changing so you need to make sure you have the right email address to avoid wasting your time and resources.

Start checking your email lists with BulkEmailVerifier.com now!

Do You Offer Free Email Verification For Single Email Addresses & Bulk Lists?

All single email verifications are free.

For bulk email address verification, you get 100 free email verifications and pay a token to verify your list if you have more 100 email addresses to validate.

Verify any Email Address at our free Email Checker to see if it exists.
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