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FAQ - Our Frequently Asked Questions

Can your site verify all email addresses?

No, some mail systems - for example Yahoo Mail - will always report a valid email address. Please use your own discretionary judgement when attempting validation from this provider.

How is a email addresses verified?

We check every email at 2 different levels:

Why are my search results pulled from a server?

Our script only verifies whether an email address exists or not, and thus requires a server to do so.

Do you share my email lists or use them in any other way?

No. No one other than you has access to your data that you submit to us other than us for cleaning in bulk.

Does your service detect spam trap emails?

We don't tag spam trap emails as they are a constantly moving target. Any spam trap database is instantly out of date the moment it's published as new spam trap emails are probably created every second of every day. We looked at providing this feature but felt that we couldn't do it accurately enough to back it up with a "stated accuracy" figure as we do with overall accuracy. Interestingly, we've never had a complaint (in the years of running our other checking services) about inaccuracy from detecting spam trap emails. In our product design, we focused more on core accuracy (which we beat PC based checkers on by a substantial margin). Maybe we'll re-visit spam tram addresses in a future release.

How often should I check my email addresses?

For large lists (i.e. > 10,000), we suggest checking every 2 weeks. Smaller lists can be checked monthly. Email addresses are always changing. People change email addresses as they (for example):

If your business relies on email lists for its marketing, it's important that you keep the lists current and "clean" to maximize your target potential and reduce the overheads associated with managing too many "bounced" emails. This is why we recommend frequent checking.

How fast is it?

Very. For the technically minded, we run multi-threaded software services on our servers to ensure we can check more than a thousand emails per minute.

Will my personal information that I search with be added to your database?

No, we retain no information or email address submitted on our server.