Email Sender Checker - The Need for Timely Email Validation

The contact information of every client is very important for any business. Without this precious piece of information, getting in touch with the client is slow which could hamper business operations and development. This is especially true for an email address because the advantage of sending out important information to clients through email speeds up communication with minimal cost.

But maintaining an email address is more than just securely storing them in a contact list. It should be noted that an email account could be inactive in as little as three months depending on the Email Service Provider. It is also possible that the person behind the email account is no longer connected to the same company or has voluntarily deactivated their account.

It does not matter if an email account has previously sent correspondence, to ensure each email address is still active, an email sender checker should be used from time to time.

More than an Active Email List

Checking if an email address is still active is more than just ensuring a constant flow of business communicating. Sending an email to an inactive email address actually has some consequences.

ESPs or Email Service Providers are very wary about spam emails and they will make sure their users will not be subjected to unauthorized messages all day. To prevent spammers, ESPs create a reputation profile for each email account. This reputation has to be in good standing or else emails coming from the account will be sent directly to the spam folder. It's even possible that an account will be temporarily banned from sending messages or deactivated completely.

One of the reasons why an email account could have a bad reputation is when it sends to inactive email addresses. These emails are called "bouncing emails" because they are returned to the sender. When this happens, the email account takes a reputation hit because it is interpreted that it's trying to send out messages indiscriminately.

How to Avoid Inactive Email Addresses

Removing inactive email addresses can be done with the right online tool. is one of the highly recommended websites for checking the validity of an email individually or in bulk.

Bulk email validation is very important for businesses with hundreds of clients. By simply uploading the list of email addresses, will check these accounts individually and will return with a detailed analysis. Every invalid email account will be flagged with a reason why they should not be used for communication.

For the unfamiliar, can be used for free for verifying a limited number of email addresses. But if you have a bulk email list you would have to pay a small amount to get them verified.

Many email marketers use websites like to ensure that every email address is active before sending out any emails. With a minimal fee, bad email addresses can be detected before any messages through email are sent out.

Aside from individual email validation, clients of have also taken full advantage of the integration tool. This integration tool is a widget that can be used in various websites so that it could immediately validate an online visitor's email address. The integration tool is very helpful because it can easily weed out any fake email addresses or emails used simply to bypass requirements.

Maintain a Healthy Email List with

Timely validation of an email contact list is a must for every business. A healthy email list ensures that every client, past and present are just an email away if the business has something interesting to offer. With the help of, bad email addresses can be removed to make way for new contact information.

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