Email Verification Checker – Why You Need a Good One

Maintaining healthy communication with clients and potential customers is one of the best ways to advance a business no matter the size. Giving customers the assurance that you are always there to help even through email online can help the business stay afloat. Customers are also more receptive to updates about the products or services and will most likely respond.

But how do you maintain a healthy online communication with the customers? It all starts with a responsible use of email marketing. As a business, there is always a temptation to just send out email after email of the products and services offered but it could easily backfire when the client thinks these messages are already spam. But that's not the only factor - there are several factors that should be considered to ensure that communication through email is always a possibility between client and business.

Avoiding the Spam Folder

Email messages that are sent directly to spam folders is a death knell for an online business. Clients and potential customers will not be able to read these messages and even if they do - they already have the impression that the marketing material is most likely a scam.

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent a message from ending up in spam folders. Among them is to make sure there are no bounced messages. This type of message occurs when a business sends out a message in bulk. Without checking, some of these email addresses are invalid or already expired. A bounced message means the business indiscriminately sends messages - a potential spammer.

It's also ideal to avoid sending emails to addresses that are not supposed to receive marketing materials. Called role-emails, these email addresses are set-up for a specific purpose. For example, is set-up for receiving customer queries and complaints.

Last but not the least are sending messages to an email address that automatically marks the message as spam. This type of email address is called spam traps and they are made specifically to fool web crawlers thinking that it is a valid email address. Anything sent to that address is marked as spam.

Avoid sending out messages to these types of email addresses to ensure messages are received in the clients' inbox. Fortunately, there are a good number of websites that act as an email verification checker and they can easily weed out different types of bad email addresses.

Bulk Email Checking

One of the best ways to detect bad email addresses is to use an email checker such as The website's name says it all - it specializes in checking email addresses in bulk.

Check email addresses in bulk

Users of simply upload the list of email addresses in the online interface and wait for the detailed result. The validation result marks every valid email address as well as invalid email addresses with results. It's the ideal solution for checking a large number of email addresses. They also offer individual email validation just in case there's a need to check one email.

Inbox Testing Feature

Aside from bulk email validation, also offers inbox testing for their clients. Aside from checking if an email address is valid, the website's inbox testing tool can help businesses learn where their messages are received. This testing tool can help if the message is actually received in the clients' inbox or in a spam folder.

These two powerful tools from can easily help a business maintain healthy communication with their clients. Email verifier helps in weeding out bad email addresses while inbox testing gives a detailed analysis if a message is received in the clients inbox or spam folder.

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