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Maintaining a healthy email account profile is a relatively unknown factor that can help determine a business success online. The concept is actually very simple: a healthy email account means its messages are sent directly to the recipient's email address. While an unhealthy email profile gets tagged as a possible spammer and its messages are sent directly to the recipients spam folder. This type of email address profiling is done by ESPs or email service providers and they are set up to help protect users from unsolicited messages.

Factors Affecting the Email Profile's Health

There are several factors that determine an email account's health. Fortunately, most of them can be easily controlled while others will require a different tool:

Spam complaints, sending history, engagement and unsubscription rate can be controlled on the marketers end as well as creating engaging emails to potential customers. However, bounce rates and spam traps will require a tool that will determine which email addresses should not be used.

A good tool to use to prevent bouncing emails and spam traps is through email verification online. It's a tool that checks if an email address should be used or not. It can help check an individual email address or even in bulk especially with a free bulk email verification although free bulk email is very limited.

Bulk email checking is an incredibly simple validation tool. After an email list is uploaded, the online tool will check the addresses for validation and immediately provide the analysis once it's available. Invalid or inactive emails, spam traps and other bad email addresses are marked in the result for further consideration.

Aside from bulk email validation, websites that offer bulk email validation also offer a single email validation. This tool is a scaled down version of the bulk email checker but still provides a detailed result after checking. These sites even offer website integration so that an online business can immediately check if the email address used is true.

Finding a Good Email Validation Tool Online

While there are a good number of websites that offer bulk and individual email validation, can also help in validation and more. Aside from email verification, clients can also use the email finder feature which is essentially a tool that can find potential clients' email addresses. also offers inbox testing with analysis and this tool is often used by email marketers to determine if the message is sent directly to the recipient's inbox. Just like email validation, inbox testing also comes with an analysis to improve the chances of client engagement.

Email marketing and businesses with online engagement have to make sure their email profile remains healthy. By using the right strategy and tools for email validation, getting marked as "spam" by the Email Service Provider can be avoided. can help in checking an email address through the online tool individually or in bulk. Through its detailed analysis of each email address, users of these tools are assured that they don't send out unnecessary email which could affect how they do business online.

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