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A business contact list should be updated frequently because one of the key factors that ensures business survival is a reliable and consistent line of communication with clients. An updated contact list, especially the email address, will tremendously help maintain and attract clients. It is an often ignored aspect of business but they can easily affect in a positive or negative manner.

Fortunately, there is a way of checking if an email address is active. Online tools for bulk email checking can be used to validate an email address. These websites can either bulk validate email address or check the validity of email addresses individually. They also offer additional tools that can help online businesses and email marketers.

Avoiding Spam Folders

A popular misconception about email marketing is the claim that it's basically sending an email to potential clients. There are actually a good number of factors that affect the success of email marketing. Ignoring these important factors can lead to the end of the business even before it starts.

A very important factor in online communication and marketing through email is to avoid spam folders at all costs. The chances of an email being read when it lands in the spam folder is slim to none. Sales strategies like this while ignoring simple rules in avoiding spam does not work.

To prevent an email becoming spam, it is important to remember that every email account has a reputation to maintain. This reputation is created by ESPs or Email Service Providers and it's used to identify which email user can be considered a spammer.

Preventing an email address becoming a spammer is all about maintaining healthy email contacts. As much as possible, every email address on the list is active and does not bounce. An email address with multiple bounced emails can become a spammer because the ESP interprets this as randomly sending out an email hoping it would reach someone.

Another factor that may destroy the email account's reputation is the use of invalid email addresses. This is especially true when connecting to another business. Unless indicated, it is always bad practice to send an email to "role addresses" such as or These accounts are often created for specific reasons and rarely are they used for business proposals, sales and more.

It's also advisable to avoid sending emails to disposable addresses. These email addresses are usually free and they could be used just once - enough to fill the requirement of an email address. These accounts often come from free ESPs and sending messages to these addresses are not only futile for future business transactions but also affects the reputation of an email account.

Using Bulk Email Validation Tools

The easiest way to avoid sending messages to bad email addresses is to use a bulk email verifier.

Bulk Email Verifier

One of the reliable websites to consider in this type of service is As the name suggests, its primary capability is the ability to check multiple email addresses with speed and accuracy. After the analysis, the user can download the result and remove bad email addresses as indicated by with specific reasons why the address should not be used. is very helpful because it can help you keep your email list clean on a constant basis.

Conclusion is more than just a bulk email validator. It offers other services that can help you have a successful email marketing campaign and take your business to new heights.

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