What You Need To Know About Finding a Good Bulk Email Checker Online

A bulk email checker is a very powerful tool for businesses looking to grow their clients through email marketing because let's face it: the list of potential clients you have right now most likely came from a company that specializes in finding leads. Without checking if the email address is valid, the repercussions can easily destroy a business online.

What is a Bulk Email Verifier?

A bulk email validation tool can be a software or an online tool. More often than not, a bulkemailchecker is an online tool that can accept hundreds or even thousands of email addresses in one go.

After uploading the list, the website processes the data with analysis of which email address is valid and which one is invalid. Aside from finding the invalid email address, it also provides the reason why it should not be considered as valid contact information. It's a pretty straightforward process that can help save a business.

Reasons for Bulk Email Validation

The number one reason why there is a need to check email addresses is to save money. Without any verification, the email address provided might be already invalid and the messages would just bounce. These bounced emails mean no one has read them and no sales will be expected. It's also a metric to determine if the source of the list is reliable. Some lead generator websites might just be unscrupulous web crawlers that blindly fetch any email address they can find from various websites.

Aside from saving money, time and effort, a good bulk email validation tool can also help in maintaining a healthy email reputation. Removing invalid email addresses, accept-all email and especially spam traps can make sure that the email address used for sending messages to clients will not be marked as spam. Removing these email addresses is difficult especially for spam traps.

Why do businesses need a healthy email reputation? In gist, a healthy email reputation means an email will most likely end up in a customer's inbox while an email coming from an address with bad reputation will most likely end up in the spam folder. The Internet Service Provider and the Email Service Provider monitor these activities to influence the health of the email address. A business will never prosper if all emails are sent directly to the spam folder.

Using the Right Online Email Verification Tool

There are a good number of websites that offer bulk email validation but only a handful offer a variety of services that are proven beneficial to businesses. Bulkemailverifier.com is one of those websites that offer a simplified yet extremely useful tool for successful email marketing. The website is also highly recommended for those who would like to start out strong in this type of marketing.

Bulkemailverifier.com can be easily compared to a lot of popular email checking tools. The website offers bulk email validation as well as individual email checking. It also comes with website integration for online businesses looking for a powerful tool on real-time email address validation.

BulkEmailVerifier.com - Your Ultimate Email List Maintenance Superhero

What makes Bulkemailverifier.com a good website to consider compared to others is their inbox testing tool. This is a very useful tool for email marketing because it gauges the performance of an email. Through this tool, Bulkemailverifier.com will give a client a list of email addresses to test if the message is delivered in the inbox or spam folder. The website will provide a detailed analysis of the inbox testing with recommended changes.

When it comes to bulk email validation, Bulkemailverifier.com should be able to provide the services needed by businesses and more. Their inbox testing tool is the perfect addition to bulk email testing because it ensures that aside from the list of email addresses, the message itself is properly received.

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