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Verifying an email list is a good way to maintain a valid contact list. This is extremely useful for email marketers and online businesses because it allows them to quickly get in touch with their clients. While there are other forms of communication, an email is always a practical mode of communication for sending messages, pictures and other related documents.

But why is there a need to verify an email list? Depending on the ESP or Email Service Provider, an email account could be deactivated as early as three months from the date of first use. A client who has resigned will also have their email accounts deactivated. Without a proper tool to check the list, a client could be forever lost.

Email Verification Tips

Those who want to know how to verify email list should always consider using online tools rather than manually validating each email address. While there are email addresses that can be deemed as "bad" based on how they are spelled and looked, there are other email addresses that look good but they are already inactive.

The following are simple but useful tips for an accurate email address list:

The Need for an Accurate Email List

An accurate email list is more than just maintaining good communication with clients. It is also a way to increase business through potential clients. Potential clients who have never received an email from a business might not receive their emails properly because ESPs might mark these emails as spam. A business email could go to spam when the email account has been recorded by the ESP as someone who has deliberately sent emails to inactive emails, spam traps and even email addresses with wrong syntax. However, a business email account who has maintained a good email list and does not resort to spam messaging will not be marked as spam. Their messages will go directly to the inbox which means potential clients will most likely read their email.

It's always a good practice to verify an email list. Aside from ensuring that the client's contact information stays active, it is also a good way to increase the customer base because of its positive effects on the email account's profile. With the help of, a good list can be maintained through regular validation of email addresses.

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