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Checking the validity of a client's email address is a small but very important part of business. Those in online marketing can attest to the importance of email verification because it ensures that their time and resources are spent properly. A bad email address affects businesses because it wastes time and resources as well as it gets any business in a bad light when they are sending emails regarded as spam.

To avoid such problems, many businesses employ the services of an email list cleaning service. These are online services that help ensure businesses send emails to the right clients by cleaning email addresses.

One of the popular email data verification today is Never Bounce. Built with powerful integration tools and a wide array of impressive services, it's an ideal service for those looking for an extensive email filter. Some of their services will require advanced technical knowledge but they are perfect for those looking to integrate email cleaning in their business.

Bulk Cleaning and Real Time Verification

Never Bounce offers bulk email cleaning services - an ideal service for those email marketers who want to ensure every email address is valid. As the name suggests, bulk email cleaning is a very straightforward process. Simply upload the email list as a .csv file for analysis. The online dashboard is also very simple because it offers instructions on the format and look of the file:

Never Bounce Email List Upload

Its process is fairly simple but the list goes through an extensive checking to limit the number of errors. According to Never Bounce, they employ more than 20 steps in checking each email address.

Real Time Check and Automated Cleaning

Aside from bulk email, Never Bounce also offers two really important services for email verification: Real Time Check and Automated Cleaning.

Real time email cleaning from Never Bounce is an effective tool for helping businesses weed out bad email addresses before they are added to the mailing list. This is often integrated to websites and they immediately flag bad email addresses. Aside from preventing bad email addresses, this tool is also helpful to potential customers because real time cleaning helps in preventing misspelled email addresses.

For businesses that interact with their customers directly through email addresses, Never Bounce also offers automated cleansing. This service is integrated to the customers' email provider or CRM. Its role is to check every email address on a "near-daily basis". This is very important because email addresses can easily become invalid in a matter of months without proper checking. With daily checks, invalid email addresses could be removed.

Service Pricing

While Never Bounce is a good online tool for email validation, pricing could be a challenge. For bulk email checking, the pricing is pay-as-you-go only. When using their service, it's important to double check the number of emails to check because they might end up costly. The monthly rates are available for real time check and automated cleaning:

Never Bounce offers a discount on annual subscription. However, the pricing suggests a limit on the number of email addresses based on subscription.

An Affordable Alternative for Bulk Email Cleaning

When it comes to bulk email checking or cleaning, a good online service to consider is Bulk Email Verifier ( is a good alternative to Never Bounce. They offer one-time services and monthly services that are affordable.

Compared to many popular email checking tools, Bulk Email Verifier offers fast and reliable email verification at affordable prices.

Their user interface is also newbie friendly and the customer support staff is fast, friendly and always on hand to help customers enjoy a smooth email verification process.

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