Using A Free Bulk Email List Cleaner

Cleaning an email list is a very important process for online businesses that focuses on email marketing. This process often uses an online validation tool to ensure each email address on the list is valid. With the use of an online validation tool, hundreds and even thousands of email addresses can be validated in an instant. An online business may also use a free bulk email list cleaner although they are often limited in features and capabilities.

The Importance of a Clean Email List

A clean email list is very important for businesses especially those who connect to their customers through email. A business who disregards this process will find it hard to get new clients or even maintain their current customers.

To understand the importance of a clean email list, it's important to remember that every email address has a "reputation" to maintain. This reputation is being monitored by the Email Service Provider or ESP and they are influenced by the following factors:

The first four factors are related to the content of the email - it has to be engaging enough so that customers will react positively to the email. It also has to have an unsubscription option so recipients will have the freedom to remove their email address anytime.

The final two factors (bouncing emails, spam trap emails) are directly influenced by a clean email list. Without cleaning, bad email addresses that result in bouncing emails and emails sent to spam trap addresses can happen.

Bouncing emails happen when an email is sent to an inactive or a badly written email address. It can be easily removed because they usually look suspicious at first glance. On the other hand, a spam trap email address looks like a good email address but they are actually set up by websites to receive unsolicited emails. Any message received in this account is immediately marked for spam.

When an email account sends too many emails to spam traps and too many bouncing emails, there's a big chance that the email account will have a bad reputation. When this happens, an email sent from the account will not land on the client's inbox. The email will go instead to the spam folder - where it will have a very little chance of engagement.

Using a Good Bulk Email Validation Tool

To avoid the problem of getting an account tagged with a bad reputation, the list should be cleaned with a good online validation tool.

Websites such as can easily check hundreds of emails and each email is validated against bouncing emails as well as spam traps. The user simply uploads a list of email addresses and waits for to provide the results. Each email is thoroughly checked and emails recommended for removal are highlighted with reason. Like most online email validation tools, can be used for free but it's only good for a limited number of email addresses.

The Need for Consistent Email Validation

While using the service for free is a good practice because it can limit overhead spending, it is highly recommended to use the paid service because it could easily help in consistent email validation. Email marketers have to check their contacts on a nearly daily basis to ensure there are no inactive emails. With, the user can actually integrate the email validation to the email marketing software such as Mail Chimp for a thorough search.

Take full advantage of bulk email validation online. Try it out first for a few email addresses and slowly expand the validation not only through bulk checking but also through their integrated tool for email marketing.

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