Discord – Verify Your Email Address Without Stress & Know What To Do When It Is Not Working

Discord is one of the most popular messaging platforms online today and it's favored mostly by groups with special interests, especially gamers. Through discord, chats could be divided into different categories or topics so everyone can immediately jump into a conversation knowing the subject. The messaging platform is also fully customizable with extensive tools available.

But before anyone can run discord on their computers or mobile devices, an account is needed and with it an email verification. This process, like most social media platforms, prevents any bots from signing-in.

Normally, the process of signing-up is relatively easy since Discord verifies email nearly immediately by sending a verification link. But there are times when problems arise with Discord. Verify email all you want but nothing really works.

Troubleshooting Email Verification

Troubleshooting an email verification problem such as Discord always starts with the fairly obvious: internet connection. Sometimes, the internet service is not that fast or it doesn't work at all. Try visiting other websites or run a speed test to check if the internet works as expected.

If the internet works, the next step is to check on the spam folder. More often than not, email verification links are sent to the spam folder which makes it hard to spot since most free email servers hide the received spam messages to protect users from scams and phishing attacks. This problem is not only limited in Discord so make sure to check the spam folder especially after requesting for an email verification link.

Requesting A New Link

Verification emails do not automatically go to spam if there are none in the main inbox. Sometimes, there was just no email sent so the best solution is to request another.

Requesting a new link from Discord is really easy. Follow the following steps:

At this point, the app or the website will give a notification if the account is verified or not and it will give you a link to resend a verification email.

But before clicking on the link, it is important to clear the inbox of any unread messages. It's also recommended to delete all spam messages as well. After clicking the link for verification email, wait for the message and check on the spam folder from time to time.

Why Verify?

Getting an account verified on Discord is highly recommended because it's a very simple but highly effective prevention method from spams and other types of attacks. Aside from Discord preventing any problems on their platform, verification also has some advantages to users. Part of preventing attacks on their platform, Discord only allows limited features for accounts that are not verified. Access to servers and channels are not allowed when the email is not yet verified.

Alternative To Discord Email Verification

Discord will limit unverified users from accessing most features but it doesn't mean it will only use email verification. If email verification does not work, there is always the SMS option. If an error in verification happens, users are given an option to verify through phone. Simply provide your mobile phone number and Discord will send a code for verification.

However, it is still recommended to use email as a means of verification because SMS verifications are only just that - for verification purposes. When email is used for verification, other updates and news from Discord could be sent to the email account.

Changing Email

It's also possible that your email does not just accept verification links. This is especially true for business email accounts and other personal email servers with heightened security features.

It's a lot better to change the email for verification if this is the case. Changing an email address for verification is also very easy - after clicking on the profile icon on Discord, the account page should provide all the information that could be changed including the email address.

Simplified Security With Impressive Chat Features

Discord is undoubtedly an extremely popular platform because of their numerous usage and features. It also has a heightened security feature that protects users from attacks and other spam messages. A simple email verification process should protect Discord and users while unlocking its impressive features.

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