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Business Email Validation - Finding the Right Tools to Maintain a Healthy Email Reputation

Maintaining a healthy business correspondence through email requires the right tools and familiarity with email safety practices. While it is a good practice to send clients and potential customers updates on the latest products and services offered, without any checking if the email correspondence is still healthy will only cost money and manpower without any return. Validating email addresses make sure that every email sent is for the right person - increasing the possibilities of a good business deal.

Maintaining a Good Email Reputation

Business email validation is a must for businesses who wish to continue a healthy email correspondence. An email address is no longer just a set of characters that can receive and send messages because it now has a reputation to preserve.

An email reputation is a form of status created by ISPs or Internet Service Providers which in turn is used by ESPs or Email Service Providers. This was setup to prevent abuse in sending unsolicited emails and to prevent excessive spam messages. A good reputation increases the likelihood that the message is sent directly to the inbox instead of a spam folder.

A reputation is determined by various factors among them is the number of "bounce rates" and this happens when the list of email addresses are no longer valid. When the email is not received, this is noted by the ISP along with your ESP and an increasing number of invalid email addresses means the sender is a potential spammer.

Another factor that may affect the reputation of an email address is sending email to "spam traps" addresses. These are email addresses used by websites against web crawlers. If the spam trap email address receives a message, the email address is immediately marked as spam.

The biggest challenge in finding spam traps is on the way the email address looks. At first glance, the email address looks valid but it actually is just another method of other websites for finding unsolicited emails. A spam trap email address may be recommended to a business especially when the email list is bought.

Preventing Bounce Rates and Spam Traps with the Right Tool

A business can actually thrive in sending out emails to their potential clients without being flagged by using the right tools in removing bad email addresses. Finding a bad email address can be a daunting task especially when having to deal with hundreds of contact information but a right tool can check the list fast. is one of the known websites that offer bulk email checking services online. It's an easy to use tool that has helped businesses remove bad emails from a given list.

The tool can help businesses identify not just badly written emails and spam traps. can also find disposable email addresses, accept-all email addresses as well as role email addresses.

Additional Services Offered by

The beauty of is the fact that it doesn't just offer testing of a large number of emails. They also offer single email validation which is a handy tool for a quick lookup of an email address. The single email checking can also be integrated to websites to help businesses accept only valid email addresses. also helps in lead generation by looking for valid email addresses of potential clients.

When it comes to business emails, it's very important to maintain a healthy profile with the ISP and ESP. By limiting the number of bad email addresses as business correspondence, the business email address will not be marked as spam. can help you find bad email addresses easily and help you avoid having a bad email reputation.

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