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Statista forecasted the number of email users to hit 4.3 million by 2022. This indicates how crucial email has been as a constituent of online communication. Expectedly, email serves personal purposes, educational purposes, business purposes, etc. and can be accessed through our smartphones and computers. As a business person or member of staff, it is a veritable tool to duly reach out to suppliers, business partners, superiors, subordinates, clients and the like within and beyond a given location.

Email is notably advantageous because of its speed – documents, fliers, catalogues, etc. can be received instantly, thereby generating helpful feedback in real time; it can serve record-keeping purposes, as senders and recipients can use past information as references or evidence of transactions effected. Furthermore, it keeps communication expenses low and will come in handy for establishments with the unwavering resolve to minimize costs while offering exceptional services remains.

These notwithstanding, the use of email comes with a drawback.

Email Address Invalidity

It is possible for you to forward vital information via an email account without it getting to the intended recipient, whereas you could conclude that s/he has received it. This could happen even when the validity of such an email address has been ascertained in times past.

Business wise, there are several factors that could hinder your message from being delivered to an individual or a company via email. These include a change in email address, the recipient of the information may no longer work for the company, the server may become non-functional or the company with the email account might become nonexistent.

Take note that hardly will any of these factors prompt the sender to get a notification that the recipient's account is no longer functional. Hence, businesses could be impacted adversely. Because of communication failure, resources will be wrongly deployed and businesses could incur huge losses.

On a personal level, the non-delivery of messages via email could birth a strain in relationships, as senders could presume that their messages were not treated with the urgency they deserve. Thankfully, these unpalatable situations can be avoided by the use of email verifiers/checkers.

What Are Email Address Verifiers/Checkers?

Email verifiers could exist as plugins or SaaS products which are online services. They could also exist as desktop tools. These are tools which are used to determine if the email addresses on your list, or new ones, are still existent and can receive messages.

The usage of these tools comes with multiple benefits. First, bounce rates will be considerably reduced. An email bounce rate simply refers to the percentage of emails that have failed to reach the targeted recipients.

Spam complaints can be reduced, too, because these tools can detect the email addresses that often adjudge messages as spams. Consequently, your sender reputation which is built among Internet service providers and email service providers when you keep sending mails over time won't be dented. So, you won't be regarded as a spammer, and you won't be penalized by your email service provider.

Having eliminated the invalid addresses from your email list, the feedback you get from recipients with active accounts can serve as reliable information for analysis and implementation. In effect, your email open rate and click through rate will soar.

What is more, email verifiers will come in handy in your bid to evade risky email accounts that are connected to frauds. If you are a sales expert who wants to make the most of a reliable email database for steady or increased revenue, these checkers will prove beneficial.

Last but not least, they can help you to detect and remove temporary accounts used by fraudsters. Some features that an effective email checker should boast include the following: It is preferable to opt for an email verifier as an online service (a plugin or SaaS) because all you need is an Internet connection while the vendor will take of the tool's updates when necessary. Additionally, it must be compatible with personal and corporate emails. Such a verifier should also boast multiple verification methods which include syntax, domain, mailbox user and email server ping.

It is vital to note that you may be required to sign up before you can access the email checker on a website.

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