How To Check ATT.NET Email & What You Should Know About AT&T Email Accounts

An email is a very important means of communication because it allows an individual or business to easily send messages and documents online. Since its inception, it has dramatically changed the way people communicate worldwide because connection has become instantaneous as long as both parties are online. It doesn't matter where the person lives - as long as the connection is stable, an email could be received.

AT&T email users also enjoy the same benefits in getting their messages in their inbox in an instant. But the beauty of AT&T goes beyond getting messages in your inbox in an instant. You can always check att net email securely, but there are more than just messages from the popular email server.

More Free Storage!

Popular email servers such as Outlook and Gmail offer a good 15GB of storage which should be more than enough for personal correspondence. There are options for increasing storage but they will come at a monthly or annual cost depending on your preferred payment plan.

On the other hand, AT&T email comes with 1,000GB of free storage to their users. That's at least 60 times more than the previously mentioned popular email servers. No need for payment on extra storage space when users sign-up with AT&T.

Complementing the increased storage options for email accounts, users can also choose to have or as their domain. This is another personalized touch for those looking for something different in their email addresses.

It should be noted as well that getting an email account with an domain does not require an active service from the company. It's also very easy to set-up just select your preferred username, domain, complete name, mobile number, zip code and alternative email address. After completing the registration, you'll receive a confirmation code from your mobile phone.

Accessing Your Email

After setting up your email with AT&T, accessing it is actually a different story. Before going further, it is important to know that AT&T works with Yahoo in their email services. Specifically AT&T works with Yahoo on their email services through "Currently" - a very important word to remember for those who have just started creating their account with AT&T.

To check att net email through a browser, visit where you'll be directed to a webpage. Click on the "mail" button on the upper right side of the webpage and you'll be directed to the sign-in page for emails.

Setting Up Through Email Software/App

Just like most emails, AT&T emails could be set-up on email software/apps for mobile devices. Check with AT&T for the configuration on the server settings to properly receive and send emails. The server settings for software and mobile apps are the same.

However, the type of configuration on the software or mobile app should be based on the need and device settings. There are two email protocols that influence how an email behaves: IMAP and POP3 protocols. Each has their set of advantages and disadvantages.

IMAP is ideal for those who are always online and it can easily be synced across devices. This is highly recommended for AT&T users who use multiple devices at the same time because the messages are stored in the cloud. POP3 protocol on the other hand is ideal for those who go offline from time to time since the email is downloaded directly to the device. There is also an option that an email is downloaded on the device and deleted on the server side forever. This is a good option for those who have limited amounts of storage on their devices.

Be warned though: devices with POP3 protocol email that downloaded messages and deletes the email on the server side immediately are the only ones who could access the messages. If the device is lost, stolen or broken beyond repair, the messages are gone forever.

Using AT&T as your primary email address is increasingly becoming a better option simply because of the free storage they offer to their users. It also comes with standard email protocol which makes it easier to access through computer software and mobile applications.

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