How Do You Verify Your Email On Twitter? What You Need To Know

An email offers more than just a venue of communication. While its primary role is to send and receive messages, it has evolved into something more than just an inbox for messages. Most, if not all, websites that require log-ins for additional feature access would often ask for an email address.

The need for an email address is especially true on social media sites and Twitter is not an exemption. For Twitter, an email is actually not a requirement since new users can actually sign-up using their phone number. The validation code is sent to their phone number which could be used to log-in.

Signing-Up With An Email Address On Twitter

How do you verify your email on Twitter? Want to know? Let's talk about the advantages of using an email address to create an account on this popular social media website.

A twitter account without email verification is in an "unconfirmed state." Users can continue using the account but there are two features only available on verified emails:

Multiple Emails On The Same Account

It's important to remember that an email account can only be associated with a single Twitter account. However, a twitter account could be associated with multiple email accounts but here's a caveat: old email addresses associated with the account are only archived and they cannot be used for communications and updates. The latest email account becomes the only recipient of updates from Twitter.

Before a new email is used to the twitter account, an update will be sent to the old email account with information regarding the changes. The new email address will receive a verification link to complete the process of validation.

Unauthorized Access

Another important feature for email on Twitter are the updates especially on problems with security on the account. A person's Twitter account could be hacked out of nowhere so it's important to monitor these types of notices.

A verified email will receive security updates especially when there's a possibility that someone tried to log-in to the account. When this happens, it's always important to make some password changes not only on twitter but also on the email account. It's also important to disable 3rd party apps because they could have been compromised and being used by hackers to steal information.

How To Verify Your Email On Twitter

The verification process itself is very easy. You receive an email when you open an account using an email address and you click the activation link in the email to get activated and enjoy the benefits of a verified account.

Everything Goes Through Email - Verify it Today!

An email account is not necessary to create a twitter account. However, there are a lot of security features associated with verifying your email account on twitter. From basic information updates, archive features to security protection, a valid email address could provide additional information, security and entertainment from one of the world's popular social media websites. Just make sure to secure your account with a powerful password on email and twitter and you're good to have fun securely online.

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