Clean Email for Free – Why You Need To Clean Your Email List Regularly

Every business aiming to increase their customer base through email engagement should always double check their email recipients. While sending emails is very easy to get your message across, your email recipients might do more harm than good in getting your business bigger. There is actually a healthy practice every email marketer needs to consider to ensure this method of marketing is a success.

A Healthy Email Profile - More than Just an Email Address

An email address is an identifier used to send and receive emails for personal and business purposes. Email has been the go to mode of communication online and continues to do so because of its ease of use. Even personal information can be tied to an email address because of its importance.

For businesses large and small, an email address is a valuable asset because it sends marketing information and/or assists customers on their needs. If this valuable asset is abused, it could lead to bad business results that hinders the business' marketability.

An email address has to have a healthy profile especially for businesses. An email profile is created by Internet Service Providers and they are used by Email Service Providers to determine if the email sent can be considered as spam.

To maintain a healthy email profile, you need to follow the following:

Some of these factors are not applicable to your email marketing but any of these factors can have a bad reflection in your email profile.

Most of these factors can be easily controlled in your end. However, there are two factors related to email address that need to be addressed: avoiding spam traps and limitation of bounce rates.

Spam traps are basically email addresses used to mark unsolicited emails as spam. These email addresses are not given out freely and often found through web crawling tools. When you send to this email address, your email address will be marked as a spammer which will lead to a bad reputation.

Bounce rates on the other hand is the number of messages sent to invalid or inactive email addresses. This often happens when you don't check your email or use the right tool to move email addresses that bounce and spam traps.

Using the Right Tool to Clean Your Email List

If you're looking for a way to "clean email for free", there are a good number of tools to consider. Among them is with their free email individual testing tool for a limited number of addresses. You can sign-up to enjoy their service for free.

Simply provide the email address and immediately determine if the email address is good. Notice that they offer spam trap detection and other filters to prevent any bounced messages.

Free email cleanup from these websites are offered for a limited number of emails. If you want to expand to more email addresses as well as bulk validation, it's highly recommended to sign-up for their paid services. offers a competitive rate in checking bulk email addresses with additional services that can help anyone dedicated to email marketing.

Aside from cleaning up your list of emails to prevent any problem with your email reputation, also helps in finding a good lead through their email finder tool. They also offer inbox testing that will help you determine if your messages are sent directly to your customers' inbox.

With these tools from you can be assured that your email profile remains healthy with the good chance of expanding your business.

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