Checking a Valid Email Address – How to Check If an Email Is Valid or Not

Increasing your business through email marketing is one of the most cost effective methods in getting clients. Forget about the traditional brochure where a business has to spend thousands of dollars in marketing materials because everything can be done online. Marketing doesn't even have to be personal because an email could easily reach anyone in an instant.

But email marketing for business success is never a walk in the park. Those who are business savvy can attest that getting and maintaining clients requires dedication and technical familiarity about the intricacies of email marketing - and it all starts with a good contact list.

Growing a Business with a Good Contact List

Getting started in email marketing to increase sales and clients starts with a good list of contacts. A business could deploy various methods to create a good contact list such as asking frequent customers about their email address, start giveaways for those who sign-up to a newsletter or even find a 3rd party company that will look for potential leads based on the business.

While these methods are commendable, this is just an early stage for creating a good list. After collecting a list of email addresses, these email addresses have to be validated individually. A business has to know how to check email if is valid or not before moving forward.

The Importance of Email Verification

Validating each email address is very important because bad email addresses have serious consequences to an email account. ESPs or Email Service Providers are very serious about protecting their users against potential spams and ESPs will not hesitate in forwarding an email to spam. Email marketers have to find a way to avoid spam folders as this would greatly affect sales. It's even possible that a business would sink if an email goes to spam because no one really reads spam and those who read spam think these emails are possibly a scam.

An email might be marked as spam if it continues to send bounced emails. These are email addresses of users who are no longer active, the username does not exist, or the email address is just written wrong. An account that continues to send messages to these bounced emails will be marked as spam because it indiscriminately sends out emails without checking its validity.

Another reason for an email account to be marked as spam is when it sends an email to a spam trap account. Email marketers who use 3rd party contact lists should be very wary of this type of email address. They may look ok at first glance but every email sent to the account will be immediately reported for spam. If an account has been reported as spam too many times, it's possible that all emails sent from the account could go directly to the spam folder.

Without email verification, bouncing emails and spam traps are hard to find. It's important to remove them before sending out marketing materials through email.

Using the Right Email Validation Tool

Fortunately, finding a good validation tool for email addresses is relatively easy to find. A good site to consider is and the site specializes in bulk validation of email addresses. can easily check hundreds of email addresses in one go and the user simply uploads a list of email addresses to the online tool. The validation result comes with detailed analysis of each email address with reasons why it should not be used. Aside from bulk email checking, the website also comes with individual email address checking - useful for those who want to make sure if an email address is still active.

The success of email marketing starts with the right set of contact lists. With the help of email validation tools such as, marketers can start strong in getting their business on a right track.

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