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Email List Verifier - Why Do You Need One For Successful Email Marketing

Do you want to succeed in email marketing? Then you need to have a good set of tools to help you in this type of business. Marketing online especially with email is more than just blasting out emails on a daily basis hoping for a response from a potential client. Without the proper tools, marketing through email will go nowhere.

Starting with a Good List of Email Addresses

Email marketing starts by connecting with your potential clients and you can't connect without the right email address. You can manually search for potential clients online and take note of their email addresses or find a lead generation company that may provide you with a good set of contact list as a start.

Either way, it's important to know that having a list of email addresses is different from a GOOD list of email addresses. You need to have an email list verifier to make sure that your list will have a high response rate.

An email verifier, as the name suggests, is a tool that makes sure that the email address is correct. While you may argue that you check your potential clients' contact information to ensure without errors, a list of email addresses with no syntax correction does not mean it is still a good list.

The following types of email addresses may look good but are considered bad:

You need to look out for spam trap email addresses because your email account may be reported for spamming if you send to one of these addresses. To the naked eye, the email address looks legitimate but you end up being marked as a spammer.

Being Marked as a Spammer Could Bring You Down

A message being marked as spam may seem like a small move from the recipient but it has serious repercussions to the sender. Each email address comes with a "reputation" and this reputation is based on various factors including the number of emails being sent on a daily basis, number of emails sent marked as spam and even number of invalid email addresses (bounced mails). If the sender abuses the ability to send an email, their reputation will go down significantly as the ISP (Internet Service Provider) and ESP (Email Service Provider) will simply forward your message to the spam folder. Good luck getting clients to read in spam folders and making a sale.

Finding the Right Email Verifier to Prevent Bad Reputation

You cannot control if your client marks your message as spam. However, you can control your list of email addresses to prevent bad email reputation. With the help of an online email verifier, bad email addresses can be removed. offers email address checking to their clients with immediate results. The website can help you detect spam trap emails, accept all emails and even emails with bad syntax or wrong characters. They also offer bulk email checking for those who have hundreds of email addresses to check. With a validated list of email addresses, you ensure your profile is still in good reputation which means a higher chance of reader engagement and better sales.

Websites like offer a simple yet very valuable tool for email marketers. By removing bad email addresses, this online tool can help increase positive client response leading to increase in business.

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