Get The Best Of Twitch: Verify Email And Phone Number To Maximize The Twitch Experience

An email account is one of the most important personal data for online use. Everything can be communicated through email - basic correspondence, sending and receiving electronic copies of important documents as well as sign-up and account recovery on various websites. Almost every popular website in the world that requires interaction with its users requires a valid email account and Twitch is not an exemption.

Compared to other websites that ask for interaction with their visitors, Twitch is relatively easy to sign-up. Anyone can easily become a member by simply providing their username, preferred password, birthday and verification method which could be done either by email or mobile phone number.

Why The Need To Verify?

Getting verified on Twitch has become increasingly important due to the recent changes announced by the game streaming service. It is quite unfortunate but there are content creators on Twitch that have experienced harassment or "hate raids" and these raids often come from bots that launch relentless attacks on different creators.

To combat this type of problem, Twitch announced that streamers can enable another security feature in their account wherein only verified accounts can join the chat room. It's a relatively simple security feature but effective in handling bots. It has also become a standard for all new users when they sign-up.

Verification is also important because it helps in preventing any type of hacking. If Twitch detects that the user logs-in from a different location and/or device for the first time, it will ask users to enter a one-time code sent to their email.

Sign-up On Twitch - Verify Email For A Better Experience

Signing-up on Twitch now requires verification so new users don't have to go through another process of getting their account verified in order to chat with most (if not all) streamers. As already indicated, the basic information is just needed: username, password, birthday and verification method. While the verification method could be done on mobile phone or email, it's highly recommended to use email as verification method. Mobile phone verification is ok but when the mobile number is lost, retrieving the account could be very difficult if not impossible. With the use of email verification, retrieving the password and even username is relatively easy.

How to Verify Twitch Email Account

Those who have signed-up on Twitch using their mobile number can still get verified through their email address.

Twitch can verify users on mobile devices through the Twitch app. Click on the profile picture > Account Settings > Security and Privacy > Email. If the email field is blank, enter the email address that will be associated with the account. Twitch will send a verification link to the email address used for verification.

Desktop verification through browsers is almost the same. On the upper right side of the browser, click on the profile picture > Account Settings > Security and Privacy tab > Email. If it doesn't say "Verified" under the box, click on the pen at the right side of the box to edit the information. Once the email is provided, Twitch will send a link for verification.

Troubleshooting Email Account Verification

There are times that email verification will not go through on Twitch. When this happens, it is important to check if the email address is not used in other Twitch accounts. Instead of verifying the email, log-in and use the "forget password" process to retrieve the account.

On the other hand, if no verification link has been sent, it is possible that the email was sent to the spam folder. Some email accounts have security built-in that prevents email from going directly to the inbox even though they should be received at the request of the user. It is also important to make sure that the inbox is not full.

If the email account looks good but it still can't receive email from Twitch, add the following email addresses as contacts: and These two are the email addresses used by Twitch to verify a user's email address and other forms of communication.

Getting Email Verified On Twitch

Email verification on Twitch is very important to get the most out of the streaming service. Aside from full interaction with streamers, a verified email can also help in protecting the account from possible attacks.

Sign-up on Twitch, verify email and get the best of Twitch's services.

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