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There are a number of software services that claim email verification free and yet offer accurate results. The claim results in a email ping from your PC to the server hosting the email address. The problem is a softwar application like this is less accurate and not scalable like the web based versions.

You may be enticed by free email verification to start quickly verifying your email lists, yet issues will surface about and you will be in despair once you see how inaccurate those free services can be.

Problems you can encounter with software running on your desktop which sends pings to a email servers from Yahoo or Gmail are blocked from most consumer IPs. The software used to work before spam took over the Internet because it only used the VRFY command against the server it tested.

Now with spam traps and false positives, email verification for free is harder when run on software like this. The reason is from your local IP address. While you may be able to verify a few emails accurately the problem comes from repeated attempts and the blocking of your IP by those email services.

When your IP gets blacklisted in a database or by a server you are further more red flag on your account and can even cause trouble with your Internet Service Provider.

Stop downloading software for free email verification and use a web based email service that prevents your IP from being blocked. Verify a email address on the web and put your worry away.

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