Email Verification Techniques | Verifying An Email Address By Means Of Email Verification Methods

Simple validation through syntax, and more advanced validation through DNS are a few ways email verification can be performed. Are you looking for ways to verify emails in question that you have received? Let's check out a little more about email syntax and DNS validation methods.

Another email verification method uses DNS, or Domain Name Service, to verify an email from a particular mail server. This DNS entry resides behind the "@" on a email address, for example shows that "" is the DNS resolution for the email layout. A DNS verify goes out and checks if this portion of the email address is real and actually exists somewhere in the world, and not just a spoof domain. This part of an email address is much harder to spoof as most other modern email servers get pingbacks, better known as an instant two way "hello" to make sure the sending mail server is real.

These two methods cover the ability to verify most any email, there are other ways of attempting to verify an email address like an email trace or SMTP lookup, but going these routes can yield even more information than you were bargaining for like real names and addresses, and if the front end of an email address is specified or not. As you can see, email verification can be as simple or as complex as needed to verify an email address.

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