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An email address is a very valuable information a business can have from their customers as well as potential clients. Through email, the latest products, services and promos are announced. It is a time and money saving form of communication that benefits both the business and clients.

But aside from constant communication with clients, maintaining a healthy list of contact information is just as important. An email address eases time and effort in communication but it can also become inactive with no announcement. An account can become inactive as early as three months from use depending on the ESP or Email Service Provider.

To ensure that an email account is active, it is very important to check their validity from time to time. For small businesses, a free bulk email validation tool that offers limited services should be enough to check a list of contact information in an instant.

Free Bulk EMail Validation Tool

The above validation tool is from and it is one of the popular websites that offer fast and reliable bulk validation of email addresses. For first time users or those who are unsure about the services offered by these websites, offers free bulk checking for a limited number of email addresses individually or in bulk.

Benefits of Paid Services

Checking a limited number of email addresses may sound like an ideal solution especially for small businesses. However, a free version may not be enough in most cases especially for businesses who are serious in expanding online. A paid service should be seriously considered to maintain a good list.

It's very important to religiously check an email address for its validity. Without prior checking, the message may bounce which means the message is not delivered to the client. By constantly checking the contact information, bad email addresses are removed and inactive accounts could be replaced.

Aside from bulk email validation, paid services also come with additional tools. In, users can also access individual email validation with website integration, inbox testing and email finder. It's practically a one-stop shop for email marketers because the website can help find the right contacts for business, validate if these contacts are active and test if the message sent out to clients will be actually received in an inbox. The monthly fee is just a small amount compared to the advantages the website provides in growing and maintaining the online business.

The Need to Avoid Bouncing Emails

Bouncing emails may look like it's just another bad email sent. However, it actually has repercussions that could cause problems with the way a business communicates to their customers. Simply replacing the bad email address with the correct one after a bounced message could still have some consequences. As much as possible, remove the bad email addresses even before a single message is sent.

It is important to remember that every email address has a reputation to maintain with the ESP. This reputation will determine whether the email address is actually trying to send an unsolicited message and spam. The number of bouncing emails is one of the many factors that will have a negative effect on the email account's reputation. A low email reputation means the email will likely end up in the clients spam folder.

With the help of bulk email checking tools, bouncing emails can be easily avoided. While using their free service is feasible even with limited function, a paid service is highly recommended because of the additional tools and capabilities that come with the subscription. comes with the necessary tools perfect for every online business as well as email marketers.

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