Email Lookup - Free Reverse Email Search Vs Paid Lookup

Securing your online transactions and correspondence through email is more important than ever because of the increasing danger of attacks and scams online. It is very important to verify the email sender’s identity to ensure that the transaction is valid and will not lead to any scams. The right tool should provide that type of security with ease.

Fortunately, securing online correspondence through email is easier than ever thanks to reverse email search. It is an online service that aims to identify the email sender with a highly efficient reverse search. Simply provide the email address and the online tool should be able to get the name behind the email address.

Email Lookup

While most communications are done through direct and private messages, email correspondence is still a very important method of communication for personal and business purposes. More often than not, formal and business messages are sent through email because it simplifies tracking of correspondence. An email address is also very important since it is often a requirement to various websites for security purposes. A valid email address can be used to log-in to popular social media, shopping and other online services.

Free Reverse Email Search & More

The importance of email for personal and business reasons is the main reason why it is extremely important to look up email address when the message is suspicious. An email soliciting money or asking for something personal can be easily dismissed as spam but there’s always a possibility that someone familiar will send the same email. Without the lookup tool, learning more about the sender will be a big challenge.

For businesses, reverse email lookup is more than just learning more about the email sender. A lookup is always possible even without any message sent. For example, an email address of an applicant can be looked up to determine if the applicant is really the owner of an email address. It’s rare that someone else owns an email address used by a job applicant but this search helps in raising a red flag.

Email Lookup – Free Options Available

Those who just want to do a simple email lookup, free reverse search options are available online. But for those who wanted to learn more about the sender, paid or pro services are also available.

Free options include …

The Power of Pro Email Reverse Lookup

Consider the situation: someone sent you a disturbing email that actually asks for some money or access to your computer. It’s a very dangerous email with disturbing results if nothing is done about it. A reverse email search should give a good idea on who sent the email.

But paid email services can go beyond the simple search for a name. Users of the service worldwide also take advantage of this type of service to track the sender’s location. This is very useful when the email sent has threats of physical violence. Of course, it requires intervention from the correct authorities but it still pays to be knowledgeable where the email came from.

Aside from dangerous threats and scams associated with a message, a paid reverse email search is also very useful for businesses looking to protect their interests. Through paid services, a business can actually dig deeper about their staff or job applicant. An email address search can be used to find relevant information such as social media accounts - a very important feature for businesses who want to learn more about their employees and job applicants. There’s also an extended feature in most paid reverse email searches to look for criminal records. It’s practically an all-in-one background check tool that uses only a single email address as its source.

Paid vs. Free Reverse Search

Free reverse email search is a little bit limited when it comes to search features but it doesn’t mean it’s not useful. The name search alone is more than enough to give the user a good idea about the owner of an email address. The major challenge with free reverse email lookup is accuracy of result.

However, pro or paid services are highly recommended to anyone serious about the security of their email correspondence. The right tools do not only help in finding out the sender’s identity, it can be used to dig deeper for any information associated with the email address like phone number, address, dating profiles and more.


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