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Email Marketing Tips: Why Email Marketing Analytics Matter

Email marketing is a simple yet highly efficient method of getting and retaining customers for a very long period of time. Despite the technical advancements of communications, an email address is still seen as an essential means of communication because of its efficiency and simplicity - a message could be sent directly to the email address and the receipt can read it as soon as they can access their inbox.

For an online marketer, sending an email to potential and current clients is very efficient because communication is not forced and nearly every possible information needed could be packed in a single email.

Advancement in Analytics in Email

Email marketing is no longer limited to simply sending an email and hoping someone will open and read it. In fact, it's no longer just limited to sending an email and knowing if the email has been opened or not. There are additional metrics and analytics every email marketer has to learn in order to take full advantage in this type of marketing. The number of emails sent does not equate to success. An email has to be an effective tool in getting the attention of possible recipients.

The following are the advanced metrics any starting out online marketer should take note:

Free vs. Paid Email Marketing Tips

For email marketing, analytics is very important because it could teach the marketer on areas of improvement. However, there are already tools in the market today offered for free that provide a good deal of information about this type of marketing.

The beauty of these services is the fact that they are more than just basic tools for sending and tracking emails to customers. Email marketing tools such as Hubspot and Sender have integrated tools that allow marketers to create beautiful emails while effectively managing contacts as well as tracking their responses.

But all the tools in the world are nothing when the content itself does not give confidence or give readers some push to act on the email they just read. Learning how to properly craft these emails is also important and these tools could provide additional help.

Paid email marketing depends on the data needs of the marketer or the company in general. Hubspot, one of the most popular email marketing tools today, has fully integrated their popular email marketing tool with their CRM or Customer Relationship Management tool. Combining CRM and email marketing makes it easier for businesses to track their clients from the ground-up. Email marketing will do its job in attracting and maintaining clients while CRM updates their information with additional business information and interaction.

Taking Full Advantage Of Email Marketing

Small to large scale businesses are taking advantage of email marketing because of its cost effectiveness in sending out messages to their current and potential customers. With the right tools for analysis, businesses can determine the recipient's reactions which ultimately helps in improving the message and gaining more customers.

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