Email Verifying – How To Verify Email Addresses

An email address is one of the most valuable personal information online. A properly used email address can be used to sign-up for different services online as well as send and receive messages and updates for personal and business reasons. This is the reason why email marketing is still a good business option - people still need their email addresses.

Since an email address is a very important online data, marketing using this medium should be handled carefully because it's more than just sending an email. There are several factors to be considered to ensure successful marketing.

Maintaining a Good Reputation

Email Service Providers or ESP always make sure users are protected against unsolicited messages or spam. Without spam protection, an email address could be exposed to different types of unsolicited messages that could cause further problems. Malware attacks and scam emails can easily happen to anyone if there's no spam protection.

Email marketers and online businesses should make sure their messages will not give ESPs an impression that they are sending out spam messages.

The following should be avoided to maintain a good email reputation with ESPs

A properly designed message to properly targeted potential clients should help in preventing a low email reputation. But aside from a carefully crafted email, there are online tools that can be used to easily prevent problems related to sending to the right email addresses.

Using a Good Email Checker

Any online business as well as email marketers should consider using a good email verifying tool. As the name suggests, this is a tool designed to verify and check an email address to ensure they are valid emails.

Verifying an email with the right tool will not only give a "yes" or "no" answer to the email addresses' validity. A good email verifier should also give a reason why it should not be used. The above screenshot is from and the tool indicates that the email address might be a disposable email.

Finding Spam Traps

One of the best uses of an online email validation tool is to find spam trap email addresses. This is a type of email address set-up to catch spammers as they are often given to web crawlers. Any email sent to spam traps are automatically reported for spam which affects the sender's reputation.

Those who use a list of email addresses from a 3rd party source should be wary of spam traps. There are 3rd party email lead generators that use web crawlers and there's a high possibility that some of these email addresses are spam traps. A powerful email verifier such as can find these email addresses.

From Email Validation to Inbox Testing

Aside from checking the validity of an email address, it's also a good practice to learn if an email is actually received on the potential clients' inbox. Fortunately, also offers this valuable service to their subscribers. A client will send an email to the list of email addresses given by and the result is analyzed and given to the client to improve the chances of inbox deliverability.

Inbox testing and email validation are two powerful online tools that should be in the arsenal of online businesses. These two could help in maintaining a healthy email profile while reaching more potential clients.

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