How to Verify If Email Is Legitimate

Are you setting up an online newsletter for your potential clients? Do you want to go into email marketing to increase your business? Then you need a tool for checking email addresses for their validity. This tool can help your business grow by limiting bad email addresses - saving you hours of manpower and money.

What is a Bad Email Address?

A bad email address may sound like a badly written email address. For example, instead of writing, the customer wrote

The example above is actually a bad email address due to syntax error since it lacks another character that will make it a valid email. But this is not the only bad email address type. If you're running an online business, you need to know the types of bad email that may come your way.

The following are bad emails you should lookout for:

Except for the spam trap email address, these email addresses are fairly easy to detect by the naked eye. A spam trap email address is added in a website by companies specifically for web crawlers. This email address is not given to anyone else which means any email sent to this contact information is unsolicited - a spam message.

Why Do You Need to Remove Bad Email Addresses?

If you're just starting out as an online marketer, it is important to remember that blindly sending out emails without checking for validity is a very bad practice. Every email address has a reputation and this reputation is created by your email provider, receiver and even ISP. Blindly sending out an email without checking for validity will ruin your reputation as bounced or invalid emails will be a point against you.

A message coming from an email address with a bad reputation will most likely be marked as spam. More abuse will even lead to suspension and even deactivation.

How to Check for a Valid Email Address

The simplest method on how to verify if email is legitimate is to use an online tool. is a good tool to consider when it comes to checking the validity of an email address. The website's process is simple: provide the email address and they will immediately check for its validity. offers two main types of email verification: single email checking and bulk email checking. For single email validation, simply access their website and provide the email address:

Check if Email Address is legitimate

Aside from manually checking an email address through their site, they can also give a widget or an API for those who want to check their customers' email right at their website.

Bulk email checking, as the name suggests, is a process of checking a large number of emails in one go. On the website, users can upload the list on their online tool, wait for a bit and download the result. Aside from finding the list of valid emails, it also provides a reason why the email address is invalid. This is highly recommended for those who created an extensive list of email addresses.

It's always important to verify the legitimacy of an email address. By maintaining a healthy email account, messages will not be tagged as spam and the account will not be suspended for abusing email messaging. The right tool can help in checking and removing bad email addresses fast.

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