Kickbox Review - What You Need To Know About The Email Verifier

When considering a good email validation service, it is very important to learn more about their services to ensure you get the best of their services without stress. It might take a while to find a good online service that fits the bill perfectly but the advantage they offer that ends with great savings for businesses is worth the time and effort in research.

Email marketing is a type of online marketing that should not be taken lightly. Advancement of technology, customer's ability and freedom to mark any email as "spam" and other online tools makes email marketing more than just blindly sending out an email to potential customers hoping to get a favorable response.

Considering the Services of Kickbox specializes in email validation service. Their service is based on making sure that each email address is valid and could receive an email. Businesses with hundreds of contact lists need this type of service to remove anything invalid. Manually checking each email address will take hours and the probability of error is very high.

But the beauty of Kickbox is in their in-depth analysis of email addresses. Their online service immediately checks for typos and other invalid address inputs but they go beyond simple detection.

To ensure that every email address is valid with high probability of positive response, Kickbox also checks for emails that came from disposable domains. These emails are used to temporarily access a service and the email address is never used again. also has a "free-domain detector" and "accept-all detector" since these email addresses are set-up to receive any email and the probability of response is very small. Of course, the in-depth report will give their customers an option whether to accept some of these emails.

Last but not the least, also detects email addresses set-up for specific purposes. Email addresses that start with info, help, sales and more are not set-up to receive updates from other businesses.

By employing these filters,'s email list verifier can help businesses send out emails to individuals who are most likely to read their messages.

Monitoring Email Messages's email list validation tool offers a good start for online marketing because it ensures each email is valid and will most likely receive the message. However, checking if the mail is correct is just the first part of the online marketing strategy - businesses have to make sure that the message is delivered properly.

Kickbox also comes with "Deliverability Monitoring" which offers customers a chance to have a closer look at the performance of their emails. With the help of, customers can learn if their emails are actually placed on the inbox instead of the spam folder. Their service also comes with a report if their emails are on a blacklist or being abused through unauthorized use.

Alternative to

While's list of services is impressive, there are other websites that come with an email list validation tool with additional benefits for customers. Among them is as they provide solid list of features for email address analysis: Email Address Analysis Features

One of the best features of is its ability to make sure each email gets to the customer's inbox. When an email address is properly validated, getting to the recipient's inbox has a high rate of success.

It also comes with domain validation which is a very simple, yet useful method of checking if an email address is valid. This process essentially checks if the domain is still active which means the email address can still receive an email.

While there are a good number of websites that bulk validate email addresses, offers a reliable service to their customers that ensures their online marketing through email is a success.

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