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Gaining and maintaining clients through email takes more than just sending hundreds of emails to potential customers. There are factors that ensure a smooth line of communication is maintained even in just a simple email. Ignoring these factors could mean the end of an online business because the message was not sent properly.

Avoiding Bad Email Addresses

A good way to maintain a healthy line of communication to clients and customers is to immediately remove bad email addresses on the contact list. This is especially true to first time email marketers who wanted to start strong by sending out a good number of emails to potential clients.

Before sending out an email, the following email addresses should be removed:

Maintaining Your Email Reputation

There's a big reason why bad email addresses should be removed as early as possible. Due to the increasing number of unsolicited emails, Email Service Providers or ESP are enforcing strong anti-spam measures for their users.

To help determine which emails should be considered as spam, each email account has a reputation to maintain - including business emails. A good reputation means the email sent should not be considered spam while an email from an account with a bad reputation means the email should be sent directly to spam. With the way an email account is set up nowadays, the chance of the message in the spam folder being read is virtually zero.

One of the main factors that determine the reputation of an email account is the number of bad email addresses used. Another factor is the number of spam reports, unsubscription requests and response rate. The email has to be carefully sent not to trigger any bad reputation from the ESP.

Using Email Validation Tools Online

A good way to prevent bad reputation for an email address is to use an email validation tool. Fortunately, a free email verification website can be easily found online. is one of the sites that offer free email verification for a limited number of email addresses. can instantly check if the email address is good for business communication. In this case, the email address is considered as invalid because it is a disposable email. The website also helps users find bad email addresses in bulk with the same analysis of each email address. offers limited free service for email validation. However, a paid subscription is a must since a paid service expands the available service from the website. Aside from the ability to regularly check the validation of an email address, can help in finding email addresses of potential clients as well as inbox testing to make sure that the email is sent directly to the customers inbox.

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