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Free Email Bounce Checker - Finding the Right Tool for Marketing Success

A bouncing or bounced email is basically an undelivered message since the email address targeted is inactive or incorrect. Inactive and incorrect email addresses have to be removed from the mailing list as soon as possible because they can cause a lot of problems especially in email marketing. Fortunately, there are tools that can help remove these types of email addresses.

More than Just a Syntax Problem

An email address has to follow a specific format or else it will cause a syntax problem. The basic format looks like this:

The email is composed of three components: a username, the "@" character and a domain with a top domain name separated by a period. Numbers and letters are accepted in upper or lower case. Other characters are also accepted but with limitations although not recommended for an easier encoding of contact information.

If the rules of the syntax are followed, the email will be sent. However, if the email follows the syntax but is incorrectly written, the email will be sent but will still bounce.

The biggest challenge in finding wrongly spelled email addresses. They may look like a valid email address but it will still bounce because no username exists with that email account.

Using an Email Bounce Checker

For checking a single email for their validity, it's always a good idea to use a free email bounce checker. Websites like can easily find email addresses with bad syntax in their online tool.

Single email validation is free for a limited number of email addresses. Online businesses and email marketers should consider a paid version for more extensive features.

Advanced Features for Email Validation

Individual checking for a limited number of email addresses is a great feature from online validation tools. However, online businesses and email marketers have to consider subscription based services to constantly check their address list. An email address could be in an inactive state in just three months after its first use depending on the ESP or email service provider. Without a reliable checking tool, the contact list may end up being unreliable.

Aside from individual email checking, subscription service in comes with bulk email validation. Users simply upload the list of email addresses in their online tool and receive the result with detailed analysis especially for invalid email addresses. Bulk email checking is a very valuable tool to ensure your list of clients are valid since this will help in address validation on a timely basis.

The Need to Avoid Bounced Email Messages

Bounced email messages should not be ignored and should be addressed as soon as possible. Internet Service Providers and Email Service Providers work together to prevent spam and unsolicited emails by marking those who often send out bad emails such as bounced email. A business or an email marketer may have innocently sent out a message to an email with bad syntax but it will still give the sender's email address a bad mark. If the bounce emails continue, the email address creates a bad profile. Eventually, every email sent out will be delivered to the recipient's spam folder instead of the regular inbox. A spam email is rarely read which means an online business will never succeed in email marketing.

An online business can easily thrive through email marketing. However, a business has to make sure it follows the proper email etiquette to avoid a bad reputation not only to their clients but also to ESPs and ISPs. With the use of proper tools such as for individual and bulk email address validation, email marketing can be done with a better rate of success.

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