Using the Right Email Bounce Service for Email Address Validation

Bouncing emails is bad for business for two main reasons. First, a bounced email means the message was not received and any bad business communication will have repercussions especially for those who are trying to reach out to as many customers as possible. Second, an email reputation takes a hit because it will create an impression that it tries to send an unsolicited email or spam.

These reasons should be noted by businesses because communication through email is one of the easiest and cost-effective methods of reaching out to customers. The inability to send an email can be very costly. Fortunately, there are ways of making sure an email to customers will reach its intended destination.

Smart Email Validation

The easiest way to ensure that an email address is valid is to use an email validation tool. There are a good number of online email bounce service providers that offer the use of email validation tools to verify email addresses. These tools are especially useful when there are hundreds of emails that need to be verified. is a good site to consider when it comes to checking a large number of email addresses. It's a site that comes with a powerful online tool for checking the email addresses' validity with analysis. Users can upload their list online and wait for the result in just a few minutes depending on the length of the list. The analysis of the list will come with valid addresses and invalid addresses with reasons.

Types of Bad Email Addresses

A bad email address does not necessarily mean it was written wrong. Aside from badly written email addresses, there are also addresses that should be removed from the list for better success rate.

The following are considered as a bad address:

For a small list of contacts, finding these bad emails are relatively easy except for spam traps. But with a handful of contacts, websites such as can come in handy because they will do the job quickly with higher precision.

Going Beyond Email Validation

Aside from email validation, a good reason why it's recommended to use is the fact that it can also help assess the inbox deliverability of an email. In gist, inbox deliverability is the rate of an email to be delivered to the client's inbox. can provide a detailed analysis of their user's inbox deliverability through inbox testing. A detailed analysis and recommendation is provided based on the performance of an email. Inbox testing gives users a chance to test out their message to a group of emails before sending out to their clients.

When it comes to business email, it's always important to make sure that an email address is valid and the message is received in the clients' inbox. has the tools to remove bad email addresses as well as ensure the message is properly received.

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