Verify Email Lists To Reduce Email Bounce

When you are doing email marketing, it is absolutely crucial that you focus on sending only to active subscribers to your list. People commonly change email addresses these days because access to do so is very easy and readily available. Free email services like Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail enable users to quickly setup a new address and disable the old one, thus leaving you with a bad email that you are trying to contact.

Email marketing services like Aweber, MailChimp, and Constant Contact require you to have a low bounce rate on your email sends for your campaigns. So when you have a high volume of bad emails that are no longer valid on your list, then you will in turn get a high bounce back rate each time you send a newsletter.

To remedy this, you have several options with our services. Here on VerifyEmailAddress.ORG you can verify emails one by one if you have just a few bad emails to scrub off, and we call this "free email address verification" when you don't have many. If you have a larger list though, anywhere from say a few hundred to hundred thousand, even millions of emails on file - then you certainly do not want to verify each of the individually.

So the next time you get a warning from your email marketing service about having a high bounce rate, then you know you have too many bad or invalid emails on your list and you need to remove them. We will be here to help you reduce bounce back and keep your email list clean from now on!

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