Best Reverse Email Lookup - Free vs Paid Lookup

Reverse email lookup is the process of looking up an email address to get details of the owner. If you need to know how to find the best email reverse look up – free and paid options, read on….

Why Email Address Lookup?

You may need to do a reverse email address lookup for a number of reasons…

Suspicion of infidelity – To know if you partner is still actively dating online.

Detecting Scams – You may have gotten an email from someone and the offer seems too good to be true. With a simple email lookup you can find out if the person is who he is claiming to be.

Reconnecting With Old Friends – So all you have is an old email address that your old friend no longer responds to or you want to surprise your friend with a visit on his/her birthday and want to confirm current location, social media accounts and other details? A reverse email search will help you get this done with ease.

These are just a couple of popular reasons people conduct reverse email searches.

No matter your reason for needing to get personal details from just an email address, you need a reverse lookup to get it done with ease.

Best Reverse Email Lookup

Best Free Reverse Email Lookup Options

The DIY Option

If you don’t want to spend any money, you could attempt a free lookup by putting in the work yourself.

You could check out popular search engines using the email available to conduct a search and see if it has been used by anyone online before. If luckily the email has been used on a classified site or forum that allows public access you may be able to dig deeper and get the information you need.

Free Email Reverse Lookup Sites

There are free email lookup sites online that can help you trace an email address to reveal the owner’s details.

Some of such sites will only provide you with the name for free but will ask for a fee to show you other details.

Others may claim to provide detailed results for free at first but their results are not reliable.

If you need more than a name and you want accurate and detailed results, it is best you go for a professional paid lookup service.

Paid Email Lookup Tools

Many tools online offer paid lookup services. The real challenge will be deciding which the best one for what you need is. Of course the best one for you will be the one that provides exactly what you are looking for.

Best Reverse Email Lookup – Free Trial

If you can find a reverse lookup site that offers free trial or at least trial for a small fee, you can test their services to see if they are right for your needs.


If you have no time to waste and can’t test many tools to see which is best for you, there is a highly recommended reverse lookup tool that is arguably one of the best reverse email address lookup tools online today.

You will get detailed results from just an email address.

Usual results that can be retrieved from an email address include…

Name, Location, Secondary Emails, Phone Number, Social Media Accounts Associated With The Email, Dating Profiles etc.

They even offer you the opportunity to dig deeper and conduct a more thorough background check.

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