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Businesses who are serious about their online marketing always ensure that their contacts are up to date and valid. Their customers' email addresses have to be validated as much as possible to prevent poor email campaigns and not getting their message across to their desired audience. This is the reason why businesses spend a lot of time and resources on email validation tools.

But businesses don't just spend their day checking if an email is correct to ensure they receive the right communication. Additional tools must be employed to ensure that business communication is received with favorable response. aims to address the problem of businesses that give importance to email marketing campaigns. Aside from email list cleaning, they also offer a wide array of services that helps their businesses expand in various ways. It is not a one stop shop solution for email marketing but it has a lot of features that could help businesses of any size.

The Basics of Email Verification and More

When it comes to email checking, offers nearly the same set of services with other email checking companies online. Their bulk email checker is attached to a subscription. Customers can also enjoy a free version of but there is no bulk email checking. There is a paid subscription for those who want to check bulk email addresses.

But the beauty of does not stop there. Those familiar with rates offered by email checking companies will notice that is a little bit more expensive. However, the fee also comes with a chrome extension that allows the customer to immediately verify if the email is correct, a separate API that can be used in a form to quickly check if the email given is valid, a multi-tiered verification that results in a more precise email verification.

From Leads to Marketing and Tracking

Businesses and email marketers subscribe to because of their services that go beyond email verification. Small businesses that do not know where to start finding leads online can start with because they offer email, domain and social media profile search individually or in bulk. Customers simply provide lead names and domains to trigger the search.

After validation if the email is indeed correct, can also assist in marketing as it also comes with email marketing tools such as set-up of daily emails, scheduled follow-up as well as tracking and detection if the email has been opened or a reply has been sent.

Once a customer is acquired, also has CRM tools that help in making sure clients are tracked and business deals are closed.

Appeal for Large Scale Businesses Only

There's no doubt that comes with a treasure trove of online tools to start and maintain a business. However, all the tools available will require an expert level set-up to be successful especially for large scale businesses. Those who are just starting out, especially email campaigns, a simpler solution might be a better option for now.

For email marketers, a simple but highly effective tool for bulk email checking is It's a pretty straightforward service that you can use on-demand or through a monthly subscription although it's highly recommended to get the monthly subscription to continuously check the validity of email addresses.

The beauty of Bulk Email Verifier is they offer email validity checking daily. A lot of websites that offer the same service have a monthly limit on how many emails are checked. This offer has made Bulk Email Verifier a good option for many online marketers.

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