How To Check If Yahoo Email Is Hacked And Protect Your Email Account

Email is a very important communication tool because it has allowed anyone, anywhere in the world to get in touch with each other faster and in a more affordable way. Its set-up is even easier compared to actual physical mail and aside from actual delivery of items, an email has been a reliable source of communication not only for messages but also for important documents that could be sent electronically.

The importance of email means this type of communication should be protected at all cost. Aside from its importance as a communication tool, almost every sign-up information, online subscription and purchases are recorded through email since it's the gateway to access these services. If someone could hack your email, nearly every important information could be stolen.

Hacked Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail is one of the oldest email servers in the world. Although the company is not as popular as it was, it still serves millions of users worldwide since 1997.

But even though with decades of experience in sending, receiving and protecting emails, Yahoo Mail is still vulnerable to attacks. Anyone is a target and those without the right protection are highly vulnerable to hacking.

Know How To Check If Yahoo Email Is Hacked

Those who constantly use email as means of communication should know when their account has been hacked. There are actually tell-tale signs that the account are hacked including, but not limited to the following:

These activities generally tell something is wrong with your account. But another method of knowing if your email has been hacked is to visit your "Account Info" in your Yahoo Mail and search for "Recent Activity".

Drastic Effects On Social Media and Online Shopping

One of the worst scenarios that could happen if someone hacked your Yahoo Mail is when they use your account to access your Social Media and Online Shopping sites. Hackers who have already taken over your account can simply ask for a new password from these sites to gain access to your personal account. This is especially scary when you have a stored credit/debit card in your online shopping website.

Things To Do When Yahoo Email Is Hacked

In an event Yahoo Mail has been successfully hacked, it is important to do the following:

Preventing Yahoo Mail Hacking

The following are some basic, yet very important practices in preventing hacks to your Yahoo Mail:

By knowing the signs of being hacked, what to do when a hack is suspected and ways to prevent hacking, important personal information associated with Yahoo Mail is protected at all times.

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