What is iCloud Mail?

iCloud Mail is a free email address for users of Apple devices. The advantage of having an iCloud email account is that all your files will be linked to your inbox, hence allowing you to send them swiftly and easily from any location via your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Whenever you register your Apple devices, your Mail app should download automatically from iCloud. Take note, though, that your Mac will require the OS X 10.7.5 or a newer operating system for your iCloud email account to function on it. Thus, an operating system upgrade should be effected when necessary. You can sign into your iCloud account on your Apple device. If that's not the case, then you should be signed in already so that your iCloud email can be accessed.

Methods Of Checking iCloud Email

First, let's consider how to check iCloud email on a Mac.

  1. You are expected to open your Finder.
  2. Click "Applications."
  3. Choose "System Preferences."
  4. When you are prompted, you should sign in with your Apple username and password.
  5. If you aren't prompted, just double click the "Apple ID" icon which can be found in the top right corner of the "System Preferences" window.
  6. Click the blue box next to "Mail."
  7. Finally, close the "System Preferences" window; then, proceed to click the Mail app icon.

Alternatively, you can use a supported web browser to check your iCloud e-mail on the iCloud website by adhering to the following steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Use your username and password to sign in.
  3. Follow the verification prompts so that the iCloud website can access your account information, provided that you haven't signed in to hitherto.
  4. If your iCloud account is configured for two-step verification, you will be asked to input a 6-digit verification code which should have been forwarded to your Apple device. Ensure you type in the code.
  5. Having done that, the chances are you will be asked if you trust the browser being used. It is advisable to click "Don't Trust" if you aren't using a personal device. If it's your personal device, and you want to evade being asked to enter the 6-digit code next time, you can click "Trust." You can leverage the "Not Now" button if you are unsure of your decision at the time.
  6. Next, select "Mail."
  7. You cannot access your messages if "Mail" isn't turned on in your iOS settings, so you have to see to that.

What to Do If Your iCloud Email Requires Troubleshooting

While attempting to send a message via your iCloud email, if you are notified that an error has occurred, simply click on "Mail" in the top toolbar while the Mail app is open. Next, choose "Preferences." Afterwards, click on "Accounts," choose your iCloud email account, click on the "Server Settings" tab, and ascertain that "Outgoing Mail Account" is set to your iCloud mail account. Moreover, "Account Information" should be clicked, and ensure that you check/tick "Enable this account". It is also vitally important to check/tick "Send large attachments with Mail Drop" so that forwarding large files won't hinder your email from sending.

Can an iCloud Email be checked on a non-Apple device?

The simple answer is yes! It is feasible to check iCloud email on a Windows 10 computer. To achieve the foregoing, the following steps should be adhered to:

  1. Type "Settings" in the "Windows Search" box.
  2. After the pop-out menu has appeared, select "Trusted Microsoft Store app" (under "Settings"). This is beneath "Best match."
  3. Click "Accounts."
  4. Choose "Email & app accounts."
  5. Under "Email, calendar and contact", click "Add an account."
  6. Select "iCloud" from the list of account types.
  7. After inputting your iCloud account information, click "Sign in." Consequently, you will receive a confirmation message indicating the success of your account set-up. Click on the "Done" button afterwards.
  8. Input "Mail" in the "Windows Search" box.
  9. After the pop-out menu has appeared, click "Trusted Microsoft Store app" (under "Mail"). This is beneath "Best match."
  10. Having done these, the Windows Mail app will launch, and your new account will be able to download your iCloud email.

Caveat: Note that, if your iCloud e-mail account uses two-step verification, it may not work well with your Windows Mail app.

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