Checking Validity of Email Addresses - Why You Need a Good Online Tool

Do you know there's a need to check validity of email addresses from time to time?

An email address may be inactive in as little as three months from the last email since some ESPs or Email Service Providers automatically deactivate an account if not in use. Some individuals on the contact list may have resigned, transferred or simply replaced their usernames.

There are two ways to go about email checking: manually or with a good tool online.

Manual checking is basically sending an email to everyone in the contact list and removing the addresses with bounced emails. These bounced emails mean that the usernames are no longer active and the ESP cannot deliver the message. It is an ideal solution when there are only a handful of email addresses to be checked. The problem in this method starts when there are hundreds of email addresses that need to be validated.

Using this method to remove inactive email addresses also comes with some negative effects on the email account. It is important to know that each email address has a "reputation" to maintain with an ESP and receiving a lot of bounced emails can destroy the reputation of an account. An email address that has a bad reputation might be suspended or their emails will be sent directly to the spam folder.

Using the Right Tool for Email Validation

Checking the validation of an email without sending an email is actually a possibility with the help of the right tools online. There are websites that offer bulk checking of emails without the dangers of being suspended. offers bulk email validation for businesses especially online marketers. It's one of the popular websites that provides quick responses to users as it has the ability to check email addresses in bulk. It also comes with an analysis of which email address is invalid. Aside from bulk validation, also comes with single email checking. It's the ideal solution for those who have already validated email addresses and a new contact information has to be added.

For the unfamiliar, email validation tools online are also offered for free with limited services. also offers free services for a limited number of email addresses. However, those who are serious in maintaining a good list of email addresses should consider an upgrade to paid services.

Powerful Integration Tool for Email Accounts

Email marketers and businesses with serious online transactions should consider using one of the best tools offered by online email validation tools such as - email integration.

Through email integration, the contacts included in the account are checked routinely and a report will be generated which email address is no longer active. The beauty of the integration tool is its ability to be used with popular email marketing tools such as Mail Chimp and other CRM tools for marketing like Hubspot. This feature is available to every paid account and a small fee will ensure peace of mind to every online business and marketer knowing that each email is received.

More Services for Business Growth

Aside from email validation, is also a great companion for business growth. Marketers and online businesses looking for additional clients can use the "Email Finder" tool of for possible leads. The site also offers "Inbox Testing" for those who want to know if their emails actually end up in their clients' inbox.

Use these tools with email validation for continued business growth because these tools can help in obtaining and maintaining clients online. Email finder can help in obtaining clients while inbox testing and email validation ensures each client information is accurate and up to date.

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