Email Validation Service - Finding the Right Features for a Successful Online Marketing

Finding an email validation service is not rocket science since there are a good number of websites that offer this type of service. From basic email checking to complete bulk analysis of an email list, these websites offer their services with varying additional services that perfectly complements the needs of their customers.

While finding these types of websites is a walk in the park, finding the one that perfectly suits your needs can be a little bit tricky. It's important to be a little bit meticulous in finding an ideal validation service because it can dictate the success or failure of a business especially in email marketing.

Bulk Email Checking

An ideal website for email validation should offer bulk checking for their clients. Instead of manually checking each email address for validity, an online validation tool should be able to check hundreds if not thousands of addresses in one go.

Bulk Email Checking is one of those websites that provide a reliable and powerful tool for bulk checking. Just upload the list of email addresses in their online tool and wait for the result. The result will return with complete analysis of each email address - all invalid emails will be marked with reason why they should not be considered.

Individual Email Checking with Integration.

Another feature that should be offered by every email validation website is individual email checking. Sometimes, there's an email address clients just need to check real quick and using a bulk validation tool will just take time. Individual email checkers should be the solution.

Individual Email Checking

The function of individual email validation is also the same with bulk checking. It will also provide the user the reason why an email address might not be a reliable email address.

The integration feature is also a highly recommended feature especially for online businesses. This feature allows the business to integrate the email validation tool in their website which means it will help in blocking possible invalid email addresses in real time. Before a bad email address is added in the website's database, it's already blocked by the integrated tool.

Inbox Testing Features

After going through the process of removing bad email addresses on the clients' list, the next possible step is to make sure if the clients or potential clients receive the message in their inbox. This is a very important feature to gauge the email address's capability of sending messages to the clients with high chance of reception.

This feature is not found in a lot of email validation websites but it is a must especially for those who are serious about email marketing and efficient email communication to their customers. Sending email to valid email addresses is one thing but knowing how well the message is received is a powerful tool. offers this type of service to their customers. This test is done by giving the client a list of email addresses. The client then sends a sample marketing email to the list of email addresses and will provide a detailed analysis on how well the email is received. It will also provide an alert if the message might have some problematic content that might be flagged by the email service provider. This analysis has helped customers make some changes on their email messages to ensure it performs as expected.

A good email validation service should not just stop in offering a detailed analysis on each email address. An inbox testing tool is a great complement to email validation because aside from a good email list, a proper email message with high probability of engagement is also a must.

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