Finding the Best Email Verifier Software for You

Email address validation is a very important process for email marketing and communication. While the message in marketing counts, being able to send a message to an email address that would actually receive and read a message is equally important. Email addresses also have a "reputation" to maintain to ensure the contact information will not be marked as spammer. It will require time and effort to maintain a good email list but it's all worth it when it comes to maintaining good communication standing with customers, ISPs and email services.

Using the Right Email Validation Software

A good method in ensuring a valid email address is with the use of software. There are a good number of software available online for use that can help in this type verification. It's also a very straightforward process because the user simply uploads a list in the right format and the software will take care of the rest.

Depending on the interface and available features, an email verifier software will immediately color code each email address according to their validity. The number of email addresses that can be checked at the same time varies. More often than not, the limits on validation are based on payment.

Using Free Software to Check for Good Emails

Using free software to check if an email address is valid or not is a good practice although it does come with pitfalls. Like many free stuff online, anything increases the possibility that the software is used for advertising and monitoring purposes. A free software will also have limited support – good luck asking for assistance or additional help in case something goes wrong with the application when it is needed the most. Any business, especially email marketing should always think twice to rely solely on free software because of their limitation and lack of support.

Online Email Checker as a Better Alternative

A good software for email address checking can be very helpful for email marketing and communication. However, it has various limitations that might slow down the process of validating email addresses.

Whether paid or not, an online email validation tool is considered a better alternative compared to an installed software. The best reason why an online tool is a better alternative compared to an installed software is the fact that a user can use the email checker in various devices without the need for installation. As long as there is a stable internet connection and a reliable browser, checking emails should not be a problem. is a perfect example why an online email validating tool is better compared to an installed software. No installation is needed to use the tool since everything runs in a browser.

Its interface is almost the same as the installed software, if not better since users just need to upload the list, wait for the results and download.

There's also a small but significant advantage of an online tool - the updates and upgrades are basically done online. Installed software needs to be updated to receive the new features.

Additional Features Online

As the name suggests, specializes in checking emails in bulk. But that's not the only service email marketers will enjoy after signing up. Aside from checking a large number of emails in one go, also offers real time email checking through their JavaScript Widget or API. These tools can be integrated to websites and online apps for an even better screening of email addresses. Individual email address checking, inbox testing and finding emails addresses for lead generation are also offered.

Using online tools is the best way to check the validity of an email address whether individually or in bulk. can easily provide more services and better flexibility to their users compared to a software.

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