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Running an online business that often caters to sending out messages through email should be a relatively simple process. When you have something new to offer or something interesting to provide, a good way to update your clients and other potential buyers is to send out an email. It's an unobtrusive marketing technique that can yield good results.

But getting the word out through email should always come with a word of caution. This is especially true when you already have a list of customers at hand.

Did you know that an email address might become invalid in as little as three months? Little did you know it but your list of contacts can grow smaller by the day without knowing it. And that's not all - a bad email address on your list can also have serious repercussions on your email marketing strategy.

From Bad Email List to Spam Folder

A bad email address could be in any of the following format:

If you have a small list of contacts, you can verify email list free with an online tool. Sites that offer email validation come with a free trial on a limited number of email addresses to check.

For example, visit to check an individual email address in order to determine if it can be used as a contact information for a client. You will immediately receive the result with an analysis if it can be used for future reference. For a larger list, you can also use bulk email checking also available at

If you maintain a large list of contacts, is also a valuable tool to determine if the contact information is still valid on a constant basis. Because some email addresses can become invalid in as little as three months, a routine email checking is a must.

Why do you need to remove bad email addresses? Because every email address has a profile with an Email Service Provider and Internet Service Provider. Sending out to a bad email address means an email may bounce (bouncing message), received but never opened or received and immediately marked as spam especially when the spam trap receives the email. If the number of bad emails sent are high, the ISP will take note of the reputation of the sender and this will be relayed to the ESP. The recipients' ESP will most likely send the message to the spam folder instead of inbox.

Using Inbox Testing for Better Email Marketing

Aside from removing bad email addresses to maintain a healthy profile with ESPs and ISPs, it's also a good practice to check if your message will be most likely read by the receiver. The best way to do this is through inbox testing - which is a type of test to determine if the message is received in the recipient's inbox or in a spam folder. In this test, you will receive a list of email addresses and you'll receive a detailed analysis after sending out a test message. offers this type of service perfect for email marketing purposes.

Constantly checking your contact list for validity is a highly recommended practice. Aside from ensuring your client's contact information is up to date, you also avoid a bad reputation with your email and internet service provider.

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