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Email marketing is not a walk in the park but there are no big secrets to success. Success in this type of marketing is just a matter of knowing what's important and having the right tools to connect to customers. It might require some patience and practice but there are a good number of tools online any email marketer can use to gain success the soonest time possible.

One of the most important factors that determine the success of email marketing is the email address itself. This type of marketing is more than just sending blind emails to various accounts hoping for a favorable response. A marketer should have a good list of email addresses as a start. A good list means the addresses are correct and valid so they could receive the marketing materials for consideration.

Using a Free Email Cleaner

To make sure that the contact information is valid, it's important to use an email validation service. These are online services that specialize in verifying if the email address is written correctly and valid to receive messages. Emails that end up in spam could be deleted without being read. All the time and effort in looking for these emails will be for nothing without validation.

For email marketers who are just starting out, a free email cleaner online can offer a good start to ensure the contact information is valid. offers this type of service for free.

The dashboard will tell if the email address used can be used for marketing purposes. Based on the result, the email address is considered valid. These online email checkers will also provide a reason why the email should not be used. In this case, the message is from and they are considered as disposable email.

Limitation of Free Email Checking Service

Free is good because there's no additional fee in using their service. However, free services always come with caveats. Free email checking is usually limited to a number of emails monthly. More often than not, free users can only check up to 100 emails monthly.

Free email checking also requires users to enter each email manually to get the results. This is an unfavorable scenario especially for growing businesses with growing contacts. Each email should be entered into the checking tool one-by-one when using the free account. It will take hours before the process of checking emails is complete.

Using for Bulk Email Checking

Online marketers with more than 100 contact information should consider using They provide a wide array of services made to cater any type of business. As previously mentioned, they offer free email checking on their website with immediate results.

But their services don't stop there. Customers who have thousands of contact information should use' bulk email checking tool. Simply upload the list of email addresses in their online dashboard and get the results the soonest time possible. There's no need to enter the email address one by one to find out which email is valid.

Additional Services for Email Marketing

Aside from bulk email validation, also comes with a slew of services for successful marketing. Marketers who can't find any lead can use's email finder. They also come with an inbox tester to test the performance of an email message. This is often used to determine if the messages are actually received in potential clients' inbox.

Check out for successful email marketing. While the free email checker offers a good start, their paid service comes with amazing additional services at a minimum cost.

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