Why Does My Email Say Unable to Verify Account Information?

Apple products are some of the best devices in the market for decades. From iMac to iPhone, these devices push the boundaries on what a gadget should be. They command an exorbitant price because it's an ecosystem that's supposed to work smoothly with very little input from owners.

Even with all the advancement, there are times that an Apple product may have some trouble working with their owners. One of the most popular problems is when your device says "unable to verify account information." It looks like a serious problem because this means you are unable to access some important messages and notifications on your Apple device.

Fortunately, the solution is relatively simple as long as the main problem is identified. There are some technical things to do but those familiar with their Apple devices should have no trouble dealing with these challenges.

Why Does My Email Say Unable To Verify Account Information?

There will be a time when an Apple Mail will return an error when fetching an email. Aside from checking your internet connection, it is possible that the web server for emails is having a hard time processing requests. Give it time and try to access your email again.

If the email is still down, try accessing the settings for Apple Mail to edit the server settings. Each email server has different settings so you need to search online for their servers to ensure they match the information on the Mail app.

Users on other email services such as Yahoo and Gmail should also make sure that the email account used in Apple devices does not have an added layer of security. Although two-factor authentication is highly recommended for any email account, it will cause trouble logging into the email applications. Check your email account in your browser to verify if it uses 2FA and disable it.

Still unable to verify account information? Another possible solution is to delete the offline mail cache in your mail app. For this solution, you need to access the "Mail" folder in your library. Search for the ".OfflineCache" and delete it. This will not cause harm to your device because it's just a cache used by the device to load the email faster but it could also cause problems when too much cache is saved for future access.

Users who have two (or more) Apple devices usually check the settings in their working device to make sure the information is correct. Otherwise, deleting and manually adding the email account could be the better fix. It's tedious but resetting your app is often the best way to remove unnecessary information that limits account verification.

Unable to Verify Account Information in Other Apps

Email is not the only account that could run into account information trouble in Apple devices. Nearly every app that requires log-in could have this type of problem which could cause some problems especially when you're trying to access important data.

When your Apple device cannot access apps that require a username and password on a regular browser, it is possible that your Keychain has deleted all your online accounts. This happens when you change your Keychain password which means you need to log-in again to save the information on your Keychain account.

On the other hand, if there were no changes made on Keychain, it is possible that there are duplicate passwords used on the same app. To rectify this problem, simply launch the Keychain app and re-enter the password on each app.

Preventing Account Verification Problem

You can actually prevent this problem when you check the security of your Apple devices from time to time. Your Keychain should be on top of your list to check because it saves the security certificates of apps as well as passwords for websites. If there are websites or accounts that are no longer used, it is highly recommended to delete them as soon as possible to avoid duplication.

It's also recommended to find an app that helps in uninstalling apps that includes information no longer needed on the device. Even after uninstallation, there are apps that opt to remain some of their data on the device that could cause some log-in problems in the future. A deep clean of the device should prevent this from happening.

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