How Can I Validate an Email Address?

Validating an email address is relatively simple especially when you have a small list to check. However, there are intricacies to consider when checking a good list of email addresses because some may look ok but they are actually bad contact information. To answer the popular question, "how can I validate an email address?" Read on…

The Eye Test

The simplest method in finding a bad email address is to carefully look at each account and look for possible errors. An email with a syntax error or a badly misspelled email is easy to find. An email address usually comes with numbers and letters with a dot or hyphen depending on the user, followed by the character "@" and the website domain name. An email address that does not follow this format should be removed because they cannot be used.

Aside from badly written email addresses, it's also important to remove email addresses that were not made for transactions. These are role email addresses because they have a specific role within the company. For example, "" was created to receive complaints or questions. "" is also an email created specifically for those who want to learn more about the company.

These email addresses can be easily found and removed from the list. However, there are email addresses that may look good but they are actually invalid.

Spam Traps and Disposable Emails

It's always a challenge to find a disposable email, especially those addresses that come from unfamiliar domains. They may look ok at first glance but the message bounces when an email is sent to the address.

These are email addresses used only once and their role is to provide a user temporary email address to take a closer look at the services offered online without providing important information.

Another form of a bad email address that cannot be easily detected are spam trap accounts. In gist, spam traps are email addresses created to report any incoming emails as spam. These email addresses are not given to anyone and they can only be found through web crawlers. Because they are not given to anyone, they did not provide permission to receive an email to anyone. Anything sent to this address is considered unsolicited emails.

Using an Email Validation Tool

The best way to prevent sending messages to bad email addresses is to use a validation tool. A good site to consider for email validation is

Email Validation Tool

This online tool from checks an email address for validity and returns the result with reason if it should be considered as invalid. The example above has considered the email address as disposable because they came from a free email service provider. They are easy to set-up and do not cost anything which means it can be used once and ignored without consequences. Sending an email to this address will just be a waste of time and effort.

Aside from single email validation, can also check the validity of hundreds of emails at the same time. Users of the website simply upload a list of email addresses and wait for the detailed analysis of the list. The result also comes with reasons why the email address should be removed from the contact list.

If you have not tried this type of online tool, has free credits for a limited number of email addresses, bulk or individually. Use the free credits to individually check an email address and ensure that only valid email addresses will be added to the list of potential clients. You can then decide to subscribe for their services if you are satisfied with what you see.

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