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Email scams have been in existence since the internet increased its global reach. The existence of email scams is actually an unfortunate thing because it creates a bad reputation even to those who are genuine about their email marketing strategy.

Helping to Fight Scam

Due to the dire financial consequences a scammer can bring to an individual or business, it is important for online businesses to find ways in preventing scammers from creeping in their online marketing. Specifically, an online business should make sure there are no email addresses that came from individuals with malicious intent.

Many scammers are resorting to bogus email from their bank to reveal their banking information while others release spy and malware to their target to steal personal information.

An online business or email marketer should make sure scammers will not penetrate their email list. It is always a possibility that a single email from a scammer could contain spyware to steal information from a business including contact information. If this happens, everyone will be exposed to danger and it will be traced back to the email marketer.

Finding the Right Tools to Prevent Email Scammers

The simplest solution to this potential problem is to find a scam email checker free for individual email addresses.

This is an online tool from It is an email validation tool that checks if an email address is valid and trusted contact information. The result says that the email is invalid because it is a disposable email. A disposable email address is one of the telltale signs that the email address might be from a scammer. A scammer will never use a paid email because each dedicated email server can be traced through their email address. By using a disposable email, their location is virtually impossible to find. Of course, not all free disposable email addresses are scams but it pays to be safer than causing security and privacy problems with clients.

Bulk Checking Email Addresses

When it comes to checking email addresses, there comes a time where a marketer has to deal with hundreds, if not thousands of email addresses. Checking each address for validity will take time and effort which means loss of opportunity and money. Fortunately, also has a bulk email checking tool (hence the website name) and it is as easy as using the individual email checker.

The online tool offers nearly the same interface although it will require users to upload a file for batch checking. Each email is individually checked and marked with a reason if invalid.

Beyond Scam Prevention

Aside from protecting potential clients and customers from scam, another good reason for screening email addresses is to ensure that an email address continues its good reputation with ESP. Sending emails indiscriminately may cause some bad reputation with the ESP and this could result in messages being sent directly to a spam folder. An ESP may also mark the sender for sending messages to invalid email addresses, spam trap accounts and other email addresses that are not used for business or personal correspondence. An email verifier such as can help remove these email addresses quickly and effectively.

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