Solving The Problem Of Expired Or Used Email Verification Links

Verification through email is one of the easiest ways of confirming your identity. This process allows the website to ensure that the entity trying to use their website is actually a person and not just some random bot out to cripple the site through DDOS. Using email verification also helps online security because it provides an extra layer of security which ultimately leads to website running as expected.

Though email verification is very important for the website and its user, what happens when a customer encounters a problem such as, "your request to verify your email has expired or the link has already been used"?

From The Obvious To The Specific

The message, "your request to verify your email has expired or the link has already been used" is prompted by websites when users try to confirm their email by clicking on the link received. The message is actually pretty upfront with the problem - the link sent by websites to verify their users email address often has a timeframe of validity. More often than not, verification links can last from a few minutes up to a day depending on the security settings of the website. As much as possible click on the link as soon as the email verification is received.

Another fairly obvious reason why websites can verify emails is through connection and it could go both ways. First email verification may not load at all when users do not have enough connection to load the webpage. To ensure this does not happen, it's important to establish online connectivity by visiting other websites. After an online connection is established, the problem might be on the other end but the error message will not actually display - the website simply will not load.

Repeat The Process

The best solution to the problem "your request to verify your email has expired or the link has already been used" is to simply restart the process. But before sign-up again, it's important to scrub all the inbox of previously received emails to avoid confusion. There is only one active verification link per email and the latest link is always the valid link. Anything else before cannot be used. This is another security feature established by websites to prevent unnecessary attacks or security problems.

By repeating the process after scrubbing all previously received validation links, a fresh new link could be received and validation could possibly go through.

Be sure to check out the spam folder after signing-up. Some email servers are very strict with their security that anything out of the ordinary correspondents are being tagged as spam. Gmail in particular has a unique treatment for possible spams by categorizing the emails received. Aside from the "Primary" inbox, Gmail also has tabs for "Socials" which refers to emails received from social media websites and "Promotions" that are often used by Gmail on received messages from other websites offering promos or other updates. There is a separate spam folder for any other suspicious email promotions and updates.

More often than not, website administrators who are aware that their email often goes to their visitors' spam folder will explicitly tell their visitors the actual email address that carries the verification link. The email address should be added to the contacts list so that it will tell the email server this is an expected message.

Adding the email address should be the best solution in preventing emails from going to the spam folder. If the email still does not arrive on time or it could not be located, it is advisable to contact the website administrator as soon as possible since the problem might be on their side.

Security For Websites And Users

The process of verification of users through email is a relatively simple but a win-win process for website owners and their visitors. As already stated, verification prevents online abuse which could easily take the website down and limit access to other valid visitors. On the other hand, users are assured that the website works as expected since attacks are constantly prevented which could cripple the website. For any problem in email verification, checking the online connection and restarting the process of registration/verification as well as including the websites' email address for verification to contacts is the best solution.

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