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Email messaging has been a reliable means of online communication since the early days of the internet. Even with the advent of social media apps and websites, an individual's email address is still a good means of sending a message. This is the reason why even though businesses observe the traditional means of advertising, email marketing has become a norm for decades.

Email marketing needs the right tools for its success and it all starts with a good list. A list of 1,000 email addresses will not yield considerable results compared to a good list of 100 email addresses. A good list means the email is valid and customers will most likely ready the email which ultimately leads to response and sales.

Checking Email Addresses with

A good site to consider to ensure the validity of email addresses is As an email verifier online, they offer a comprehensive list of services that can help their clients clean their list of email addresses.

Checking the list of emails one by one manually is a painstaking task that will take hours if not days. Through, this process is complete in just minutes. Their bulk email checking can easily handle thousands of contact information. Bulk Email Checking

The dashboard of after bulk email checking provides a list of valid and invalid email addresses as well as their reasons. Take note that aside from bad email addresses, it will also check for duplicates - making sure that customers will not receive email twice.

The practice of bulk checking of emails is highly recommended for businesses. According to, it's a good practice to check email lists every two months so that inactive contacts will be removed.

Real Time Checking

Businesses that run online stores usually require email addresses to sign-up for their service and/or products. The website can help in checking if an email is valid in real time through their email verifier API. Compatible with many web development tools, online stores can ensure that their customers provide a good email address for current and potential future use. This feature is particularly useful in preventing bad email addresses from being used. It also checks for disposable email addresses as well as poorly written email addresses (use of incorrect format).

Maintaining a Healthy List of Contact Information

A good business should ensure that their contact information is constantly updated. can help through their email verification service called "EverClean". In gist, this is a type of service integrated with the email sending tool so that it could check the list of contacts on a daily basis. Clients can monitor the list of daily monitoring so that inactive emails can be removed or replaced.

The Advantage

While is a relatively good solution for a clean email list, is a good alternative because of their additional features. These features push email validation to the next level in order to increase accuracy of cleaning results. comes with a dashboard dedicated to single email validation. It's a very straightforward service for those who are looking for a quick look up to ensure that the contact information is correct. SIngle Email Checking

The dashboard is an easy to understand tool that immediately gives the result. In this case, the email used is invalid because it is a disposable email. Aside from the dashboard, customers can also integrate the tool on their website and app with the use of an API or JavaScript Widget. Another notable feature is their inbox tester - a powerful online tool that tells email marketers the potential placement of their message once it reaches the clients inbox.

With a good number of additional features, can be a good option for bulk email checking and more. It simplifies the process of email list verification with additional features that helps in the success of email marketing.

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