Email Marketing? Check Your Lists!

Checking your email lists on a consistent basis cycle is what you should be doing because your email list is crucial to your business and you should check it often to clean it up and remove outdated subscribers.

Focus the performance of your email campaigns on actual prospects instead and through constant list hygiene.

A clean email list is a critical step in list management, and it will increase your chances with a return on investment. Instead of trying to understand and decode every bounce code, you can instead remove these bad emails and not have to sweat them.

Email marketing platforms like AWeber, Constant Contact, MailChimp, and GetResponse do not like bounce backs. It makes them trouble with their Internet Service Providers which can be trouble for you and a requirement for you to delete them from your list before your next send.

These email lists of contacts are the lifeblood of your sales and marketing teams. The ROI on email marketing stays well ahead of social media marketing. Emails that go undelivered still continue to cause problems for marketing through email.

Removing bad emails from your email list lowers your bounce rate and make your email server happier. Virtually eliminate undeliverable emails with our online web based service that will not ban your IP address or take up your precious time.

We also will guarantee that your email lists will be cleaner than when you started and ready for customers to market to! Bringing your business to a new level of success!

Start today and get a email list checking subscription to move forward with confidence when you want to check your email list validity in the future.

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